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  1. I've never found the grinders as good as a file as there is no radius to the cut. The problems with the chain are missing teeth, loss of some of the Chrome and somebody having been over ambitious with the depth gauges in the past. I'm looking out for a replacement chain, it is a 66 drive link chain of 9/16" pitch and 0.058" gauge.
  2. This time it's a 28" Beech trunk. I'm struggling to find a replacement chain still and will have to bide with this one a while
  3. Now I've got the one saw running I quite fancy another to keep it company. Please let me know if you have one that is cluttering your shed!
  4. The rebuilt fuel tank is now mounted and most little niggles ironed out. The bar was a quite bent and so with a bit of time and patience I have managed to get it straight once more, at first I thought that the guide was quite badly worn and I had been putting out feelers for a 0.063" gauge chain but upon closer inspection I found the guide had actually splayed out (due to poorly sharpened chain i guess?) and so this has been pressed back and the remaining but slight burring removed. Despite the Chipper chain that came with the saw missing two teeth and considerable Chrome plating I have given it a sharpening and had a go at cutting. I have cut through a 28" diameter piece of Beech quite well and the engine has ample power, however there is an issue with one of the teeth having taken a blow at some point and this one seems to catch adbruptly stalling the engine which isn't pleasant for man or machine. I am currently asking around for 66 drive link chain of 9/16" pitch and 0.058" gauge, it's so far proving to be a little hard to source. Does anybody here know where there may be a chain or roll available, preferably in the UK? Any help will be much appreciated.
  5. It will soon burn away from the hotspots I'm sure but that doesn't bother me, infact I hope that with a bit of use it will start to all look a little battle torn and tone down a bit. They were supplied like this when new but only small remnants remained on the cast Aluminium so I made the decision to repaint it, normally I try to preserve an original finish.
  6. The powerhead all being reassembled I couldn't resist having a quick attempt at firing it up and was surprised how eagerly it did start.
  7. Engine coming back together. Photos of the special cylinder for the 2F and it'ts rotatible Carburettor mount, also showing the rough bearings (it felt and sounded OK!), the other picture showing new Coil, Condensor fitted with new wire to replace the tired Cotton insulated ones.
  8. The saw has now been stripped down and the engine has been through the dishwasher and a new Coil, Condenser, lock washer, seals, gaskets, bearings and fixings sourced. Today I hope to have the engine reassembled.
  9. It's just over that with the larger than standard bar that I have. That's almost double what my Stihl 076 AV weighs and I know when I've done a days work with that, it comes from a time when men was men an' women was bloody glad of 'em!
  10. The engine is a modified Villiers 2F I believe. At present it is completely stripped down and awaiting new coil, condenser, fixings, gaskets, seals etc. etc. The fuel tank is being re-made also as it is fractured and has also taken a heavy blow at some point.
  11. I picked up this one today. It looks pretty rough but I'm hoping to have it operational again before too long.
  12. Nice collection you have there. I've recently become interested in vintage chainsaws which is a bit of a bus mans holiday for me! I've got only a couple so far but am on the look out for Danarm saws as that was what was used by my Dad while I was a young un and also because it is a local company.
  13. I have now won an Ebay auction for the axle brackets at a fair price of £36. I'm still after the Rockshaft if anybody can help?
  14. Bump. I'm still looking forward to some of these materialising!
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