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These are parts I have For Sale and would like to sell as a grouping for $300.

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On 10/20/2017 at 11:21 PM, factory said:




Replacement carb diaphragms are available from either @Wallfish or @Webhead on here.


I may be able to help with a replacement carb needle. I've just received an engine with a screw fitted instead of the needle assembly myself.



It's good that the air filter foam came out in one piece, if it doesn't crumble to bits it probably isn't the original, I always replace it anyway as foam usually deteriorates with age.


Your engine uses a 10mm short reach spark-plug, the original would have been a Champion UY6, these are still available.


They usually need the contact breaker points cleaning, I don't think I've had many problems with the coils (except with really early engines), the condenser can be replaced with a modern one if it is faulty and Webhead or Wallfish have got any spares. I keep looking for a modern condenser/capacitor that would fit inside the original can, but haven't found anything suitable yet.


The screws/bolts used on these engines are all UNC/UNF sizes, look after the originals as ones with the correct narrow head (fillister) are not usually found in the UK. I have found some ex-military ones but they are usually too short.


Interesting to hear your Tiny Tiger was originally from the Philippines, I can see the original distributors label in one of the pictures, is the generator a 110V or 240V version?





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