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  1. Nothing of O&R left. Only have NOS Briggs, Wisconsin and Kohler left. So sorry.
  2. Oh, I am sorry, but all those parts sold.
  3. I have an NOS, OEM Wisconsin Clutch pressure plate CL-2348-1 and clutch 63UCL7-1191-3. All I come up with is that they are obsolete and NA. I have looked up various models: AEH, ACN, BKN AFH, AGH, AHH and find they are not the models this fits. Or does it go with any of the larger engines with a transmission? Thanks bonnie
  4. Thank you Anglo, Hastings has a very good site for reference. I appreciate the tip. bonnie
  5. Can someone tell me what # Wisconsin rings the S012D engine uses?
  6. Best wishes to you both. Paul and I sell NOS and used vintage Briggs & Stratton parts mainly and know very little about O & R so it will be nice to have knowledgeable folks like you two dealing with these parts. Thanks again bonnie
  7. Sorry Clint, let me try this another way. OHLSSON RICE ADVANCED ENGINE PRODUCTS INVENTORY.ods
  8. Clint, I could not insert this file to my post so I put it in the 'manuals' category of this forum. It is in the Office/Excel format. David has asked to purchase the group. Perhaps you can work with him if you decide you need something from the list. Best wishes and thanks for everything bonnie
  9. David and Clint, I have down loaded my inventory to the download manuals page as I could not attach it to my reply. Thank you and I hope it will help you out. bonnie
  10. Version 1.0.0


    These are parts I have For Sale and would like to sell as a grouping for $300.
  11. There is quite a valuable forum that 'ListerDiesel" lists manuals and parts list on. He has more but has not listed them yet. I copied the IPL for the I, II, and III engines and it came out good. However I also printed the master parts price list and it has major black outs as does the original he shows in his link. http://www.smokestak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=71591 bonnie
  12. Super info David and Clint! David, I could post an inventory list. I would be open to selling the whole lot. My problem is the pricing and descriptions are a time consuming treasure hunt for me. I also would like parts to be available for those who need them for their units and Ebay seems a good way. And yes I would be willing to ship over seas. I quit that when shipping overseas (and here!) got so costly. I will amend my shipping to include the UK. Do you sell parts to UK collectors?
  13. David, I don't usually sell overseas but I didn't know that could affect any blocking of questions and responses. Sorry. I could also have been out of town?? as we do travel a lot and put Ebay listings on vacation. I will try the sticky threads. Thank you. I will attach a couple of pictures of gaskets, etc I cannot ID that have Advanced Engine Product numbers. (I have many more) Thanks Clint. Yes that set is one of the items. Did you find the equipment it is used on?
  14. I have a copy of this parts manual and it is helpful however...I have a lot of parts by Advanced Engine Products that I need to cross reference and perhaps some are for chainsaws and other O & R equipment. Does anyone have a cross # reference or other manuals available. I am trying to sell these parts on Ebay but with no decription it is difficult to list them properly.
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