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    Steve in France

    Hayter Osprey

    HI everyone, I have inherited an old HAYTER similar to the original poster. I think it's a HAYTER 21 Brush cutter . Its a 5HP I/C. (please chip in if I am incorrect) The Briggs engine numbers are 132922 0170 01 87120707 As you can see its in great condition. Very little rust. It does start. But the START/ RPM Throttle lever is not set up correctly. (especially at the carb end) The carb spring linkage needs setting up. Ive never done this but I am up for the challenge. I have 2 pics below of the carb. There are 2 springs. Is there a 3rd spring missing? If so..... The 2nd pic has an arrow in red where, I think there should be a link and the green dotted line is where I think there should be a spring. Am I correct or way off? Is there a need for a 3rd spring. I love this machine and I am looking forward to using it, and keeping it alive. Many thanks in advance. Kind Regards Steve A Welshman lost in France
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