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  1. Thanks Nigel for your reply I am tending to agree as the price of parts will probably make it uneconomical to rebuild!!
  2. Hello everyone, The Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp engine on my old hayter is now sadly on its way out.It uses a fair bit of oil and its now starting to rattle at the bottom end if used for too long. The carb could probably do with replacing too. I don't if its worth stripping down and rebuilding the engine with new parts or getting a direct replacement? I would welcome any thoughts on which would be the best solution.
  3. That's an impressive cut!!!
  4. Many thanks for the additional info I am sure I will make good use of it
  5. Good News!! I got brave yesterday and had a bit of free time so I took the recoil starter apart and manged to re-tension and got it working S1g is absolutely right (never doubted it) as th metal lip that holds the spring is not of a great quality so will look for a spare Honda one but all the same got it back together fitted new pull rope and back in business. Also fitted new spark plug and hey presto fired up and ran quite well and compressor came up to pressure, Just needs a little fettling to get it running a bit smoother and I should be good to go. I will order a nw as well just it case I have any further issues but my thanks to everyone for their replies and help. Especially S1g I am currently reading through your other post at present and its very good!!! Here are some pics of the starter if anyone needs them
  6. Hi I am talking about the rectangled shaped one nearest the engine on the left side of the photo nearer to the return spring and has a plastic screw attached to it.. As for the other towards the front bottom middle of the photo I think that is the choke as it operates the front butterfly. Just to add more to my woes the pull starter recoil spring has unwound and its the type with the 2 locking pawls. I don't know if there is a good easy method of re- tensioning it or if I have to strip it down!! Either way I think getting another carb might be the easier route to go. Forgot to say yes I did take off the choke lever as that is broken and I am waiting for a replacement to arrive
  7. Thanks for the update and because you have been so good to me I unpacked my shelves and took some more photos. Hope you like them!!
  8. Thanks for the reply and for your help. I was going to do a word doc with a couple of arrows pointing to the plastic lever I'm talking about (I can do this if my following explanation makes no sense!! I took off the air filter housing yesterday and took a couple of photos of the top of the carb and the plastic lever on the top left I can move manually from the the 6 0 clock position to the 3 o clock position. I am not sure what position it should be in and if something else should be attached to it? Dear S1g I just read about your arthritis and I sincerely emphasize and I hope things are not too bad with this cold weather. I was diagnosed with early onset arthritis in my wrists and can be a problem at times but I refuse to let it get the better of me until it does!!. I also hope you got a good price for your stuff in the end. Sometimes I give stuff away for recycling such as cordless tools and other bits and bobs that maybe of help to others.
  9. Many thanks for the information it is heavy LOL but I was given both the blue ones and the red one a few years back. I did get one running but due a major house renovation they have sat on the back burner for a while but th information you have given me is a big help and inspiration as well as the photos on here of course. Is TSP a thinners solvent ?
  10. Many thanks for the info and here is a photo of my sad little collection that I hope to get on with later in the year
  11. Thanks for the link I have been checking the writing on the side of the carb I thinks its a G27 something then ends 8453
  12. Thanks S1g for your reply and its a shame that you threw a load of stuff out as I probably would have made some space for it all in case other people needed a few bits. Especially as I Have just finished tidying up my little workshop!!! LOL. Well I have have good look around for a fair few hours now and no luck but taking on board what you say and looking at it again. I think its part of the throttle linkage. In as much that the little plastic screw is adjustable I think maybe for tick over.and whatever is missing ie another pic of plastic that joins them up attaches to them togerther. Pretty much what you said above ( I think) Sorry I got your tag wrong I should have said S1g
  13. Found another way of looking but still a pain and that is trying to match info to amazon and ebay photos no luck as yet but will persevere. Just to add salt to the wound my pull start rope just snapped Damm!!!
  14. No worries I had a quick look but not found anything as yet even if its a copy it should have something similar to look at
  15. Many thanks for your reply and the link I will take a look and see what I can find
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