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  1. I have been trying to fix an old string weedeater (Homelite ST155) It has a Walbro WT-220 carb on it. The gasket kit I got has the wrong diaphragm and I can't find the right one no matter how many variations of the 220 carb I look at. I was thinking of just buying another carb. How can I best find a 13mm carb with the bolt holes the right distance apart? 32mm.
  2. Freak

    O & R Carb Repair Tutorial

    Thanks for the heads up about the forum. I appreciate it. Freak (aka Rudy)
  3. Freak

    O & R Carb Repair Tutorial

    Cool!!! Thanks, David. What's the accepted method of making this work?
  4. Freak

    O & R Carb Repair Tutorial

    A very helpful tutorial. I have a chainsaw with an O&R engine, and the tutorial was exactly the issue. Forgive me in I cross a line here, Where do I go to find replacement parts? Thanks in advance.