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  1. redone

    wheel Horse rear Brackets

    I have read all of this guys web site,. Yes but no thanks. I am heading back to Toro for these parts if they can get them. Other wise I keep looking. These old Tractor parts are getting pricy. Right up there with new Honda car parts. I also have two Chevy 2000 s10. Getting down to no parts available. Seats are being reapyostery like new. Last of the last in materials. Maybe will be riding out tractors to the store instead of cars and trucks....
  2. redone

    wheel Horse rear Brackets

    Hello I live near Des Moines Iowa.
  3. redone

    wheel Horse rear Brackets

    Hi Guys. new to this site searching for wheel Horse tractor rear snow blade brackets. one set for my c141 hydro two sets for standard transmission rear snow blade brackets.....
  4. redone

    Rear Brakets snow plows

    Searching to buy rear snow blade brakets to fit wheel horse tractors. one for Hydro, and two for standard transmissions or other wise c141 and C81 and 105.