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  1. I'm thinking that I could almost hear the exhaust noise from that engine at my house! Neat project!
  2. My first O & R chainsaw project had the same wire pinch with corresponding results. I used liquid tape and routed it properly.
  3. Here is an enlarged picture of my tank.
  4. This does indeed have the screw in handle, it's just not very visible in the first picture.
  5. I bought this drill thinking it was a Drillgine, but after looking at the Comet pump thread this morning, I'm now thinking it is a Comet. I'm wondering if it is complete, as it has no throttle or governor speed selector on it. It appears near new, and was found in the attic of an old hardware store that was liquidated. This is the condition as I received it. Looking for some expert opinions!
  6. I might not have to. Just found another saw like it for parts.
  7. The muffler and threaded rod are OK, it’s just that the extension flange has worn away from the pipe portion. Betting that it had been run with a loose muffler, and vibration took care of the rest.
  8. I found this stray on ebay and got it running and cutting again. I didn't have much hope for the bar and chain, but I tried soaking it in vinegar for 48 hrs. and was very happy with the results. Here are a couple of pics of the new addition. I'd like to paint the right side cover like the other parts, but have to figure out a way to save the decals. I also need to make or buy the exhaust extension to mount the muffler. It's very loud without it, to say the least!
  9. Regarding the Norton comments, I remember quite well the time I was riding my BMW cycle and mistakenly put ethanol mix gas in it. As I was riding my left boot became cold, and I looked down to see gas pouring out the gas line to the Left side carburetor. The ethanol gas had dissolved the gas line as I rode! I hate the stuff.
  10. I've used synthetic oil in all my 2 stroke engines since 1977. (Saber) I wouldn't be afraid of overheating an engine. I currently have close to 90 2 cycle engines, mainly chain saws 35 to 118 cc, that all get the same mix. The only small 4 stroke motor I have is a generator, and he gets mixed fuel too! It's at the cabin and I don't want 2 types of fuel around. Gas is E - Free though, I have done many carb overhauls because of ethanol gas left in the tank for too long.
  11. I use a similar product called Trufuel at the 40-1 level. If you want more oil in it, just add a little quality 2 cycle oil.
  12. I think the best fuel mix for these little engines is the alkylate premix fuel you buy in home improvement stores or small engine shops. It stays fresh for a considerable time longer than regular pump gas. I was skeptical at first but now use it in all engines smaller than 40cc.
  13. I have the same valve on my saw and ended up drilling through it. I mistakenly removed the valve body from the diaphragm cover, and was able to replace it by heating the cover in a toaster oven. Things went back easily and sealed up. I now have another project with a 13B motor and the same check valve on the carb. Gonna try cleaning with ultrasonic before the drill and see what happens. What is the purpose of the check valve anyway? Perhaps works to prime it easier?
  14. Great work! Are you putting the small bend in the end to engage the roller pin?
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