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  1. Hi Chris, i don’t know much about the saw and it use. I bought it at an estate sale thinking it was a concrete saw, but it is too clean for it to have been that. Another user on this site mentioned it being a cutoff saw which make sense. It came in a sawzall tool box with 10-15 new blades in wrappers, along with some other items. It appears to be complete and I. Good shape although I have not been able to start it. The prior owner was president of the local teamsters union for 20 years. There was no junk at this sale and this saw caught my eye. why do you say it was a multiuse demo saw? I am always curious about the items I come across. I am faced with the daunting task of moving after living here for 37 years. I have no idea how to even approach it, except to downsize like crazy- so the saw is available. As I mentioned it has 12-15 blades and a tool box that fits it nicely. im open to offers- lisa 415 530-7814
  2. I think you guys are awesome! I love how you rebuild! These days everything is disposable and not many could fix anything if if it was serviceable. I grew up in awe of people like you and my dad. When I grew up I wanted to fix things just like he could. I have gravitated toward those that could, and tried to learn as much as I could and now, for a girl, I’m pretty handy. Sometimes it’s lonely in a world full of people that look at you sideways because you want to repair an item instead of buying a replacement. Trouble is the really don’t make them like they used to. You can’t buy yesterday’s quality anymore. But this you know. I just wanted to let you know I think this site is pretty cool and filled with awesome folk. Thanks for being you and thanks for being here.
  3. Having trouble sending you a pm. I’m in concord California. I really don’t know enough to give a price. Haven’t figured out how to start it. Is there a lock that keeps it from starting?
  4. I just came on one of these cutoff saws. Soon as I figure it out I’d like to sell it to a good home. Looks like there’s a following of these. What’s so special besides the beautiful color? I like to know what I sell..
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