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  1. Hey Y'all good morning and good news, the show is still on and it starts in an hour and 43 minutes according to their website. I unfortunately have to go to work this morning BUT it is only for a very short time from 9am-12 noon, then I maybe will be there today will the pull start Craftsman. The electric start Craftsman is at the finish line but still is not ready just yet, my goal is to work on it today after the show if I go then have it done by tomorrow for its debut. See y'all there hopefully today but definitely tomorrow.
  2. It's still a go, and I will be there this year on Sunday if the show ain't canceled and the weather is good. My goal is to have the electric start power unit ready for the show to make its debut, but if it ain't ready then the pull/recoil start power unit will be there by itself. http://www.zagrayfarmmuseum.org/ I will keep y'all updated on any cancelations, hope to see y'all there!
  3. Just wanted to wish my M.O.M family a Happy Easter today, God Bless!
  4. This is all for now, please stay tuned until next time. More to come hopefully soon.....
  5. December 28th 2020, it was a good day around in the 50s so I took advantage and painted. Now there are a few runs although you can't see it in the picture, but you're most likely not gonna see them anyway so im not too worried. I may redo it before I put the new tape on but not sure....
  6. December 23rd 2020, I got the old tape off of the footrests and sanded them down to get them ready for paint. Notice the grinder wheel marks, that was not from me the previous owner must of did that. Good thing I discovered that but its going to stay like it is.....
  7. Ordered from Amazon, they come in a 3 pack which I don't need but at least I will have some extras incase I mess up on the first one I cut to fit or if I need them for another project. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X2WXZDD/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref_=ya_aw_od_pi
  8. December 13th 2020, I personally repainted the grill letters with gloss black spray paint and a little paint brush......
  9. Hey Y'all, I'm back with an update on my electric power unit. December 4th 2020, I painted the pulley to the starter generator and the deck stop lever (or whatever it is called).....
  10. November 6th 2020, I decided that while I have the engine off anyways, and not to mention I messed up and sprayed some yellow paint to my starter generator that I would paint that too. Plus and a 3rd reason is because it had some chipped paint spots. I decided instead of unbolting and taking the heavy generator off I would paint it right on the tractor, and that is what I did. On November 6th 2020, I taped off anything and everything so no black paint would get on the yellow like I originally did...... Before the tape..... With all the tape and outside with a coat of paint on it already....... I really do appreciate everyone who is following these builds, it means a lot. Thanks!
  11. Well, after seeing how good my stepdads tractor engine came out and how mine looked like crap compared to his I decided to do mine too. Soo much for JUST a front grille scratch repair and repaint. November 6th 2020, my engine was taken off the tractor and placed here. I think I'm goin' alittle overboard but it'll be worth it in the long run for me because it'll be like I want it. Before picture....... November 7th 2020, the engine gets sanded and painted...... Note this is after only 1 coat of paint. Also painted the pulley gray also while I was at it,. I already sanded it before I taped it off and painted the engine.....
  12. Hey Y'all, it's been while but I do have more updates. Lets get back to the electric start power unit now, and unfortunately no it is still not done yet. October 17th 2020, the left fender seat and battery box are put on.
  13. Now that the tractor is done, here are a few pictures of it with the deck on it. The first picture was taken November 5th 2020, and this is the day we actually took it out for the first time for a ride since reinstalling the deck and the engine. We actually mowed the grass with it too for the first time in about 30 years too. Well that is all for me right now, please stay tuned until next time.....
  14. October 4th 2020- The engine was put back on the tractor after a months time, and the deck was also put back on the tractor after about 25 years. These pictures were taken a couple weeks later on October 17th.
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