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  1. Interested in this, I will check if we have any work vehicles near you this week, Cheers
  2. i joined a US based chainsaw group & an English guy was sure it was an Atom & mentioned that they advance the timing too far and cause this problem. He doubted that there would be spares to return it to Condenser & points but a small company in Worksop claim to have them in stock. Only problem is they are not replying to me at the moment.
  3. I bought another Danarm 55 MK2 chainsaw at the weekend & have a starting issue that I believe is electrical or timing. It has fuel & when you pull it over reasonably quickly it has a spark. It does however snatch back when you pull it over & takes forever to start. I am thinking that the timing is advanced more than it should be. My other saw has condenser & points & has a spark at low revs as they do with points. This one has points, but where the condenser is on the other saw, this one has this small yellow box. Has anyone seen this before & can throw some light on this problem please.
  4. With all this rain I will have to get my nylon line trimmer on the weeds 😉 it's not really got the same ring to it Angus but point noted
  5. Thanks for the tip Wristpin. Rotavators - Cultivators. Hoover's - Vacuum Cleaners. It's what happens when you have a well known brand & I don't suppose either were too upset at the extra publicity 😁
  6. Well, I thought this was rare but I'm beginning to think it's the only one. I joined a history group in the town where this was manufactured, posted a photo & details of the company name & address. Been viewed by nearly 70 people & not one comment
  7. I would take your number & email off too. You can always get contact by pm. I got an unknown call at 3.50am after posting my number in an advert. Not nice
  8. Bought this machine this weekend because I can find absolutely nothing on the web about it. It is called the Astra & it was made by the Digmower Manufacturing company in Hampshire. It has an Aspera engine & a huge gearbox & set of Tines on the front. The identification plate has a space for a serial number to be stamped on it, but it was never stamped. Can anyone throw any light on this.
  9. Picked up this really nice British made Danarm 55 MK2 at a local auction a few weeks ago. Was a non runner but a clean up on the points has it running like new. I think people just assume that if it's old & no spark means the coil is dead & no chance of getting spares on a 44 year old chainsaw.
  10. I can't catch the little buggers mattblack. I suppose it's 50s or 60s
  11. My Reyroto 80 has the same engine. If you need to remove the flywheel, mark the position first because there is no keyway. I have never known a flywheel as difficult to remove as these are.
  12. It's a S200 5hp engine. Just had a look online & it is more rare than I thought it was. Best I keep plenty of oil in it
  13. Despite the weather I still nearly finished this project at the weekend
  14. You will also find that older Briggs & also Tecumseh engines around 5hp open the exhaust valve slightly on compression. As the engines wear this can cause starting issues due to low compression. On OHV engines I have countered this by increasing the gap on the exhaust valve & on side valve engines I have removed the exhaust valve & ground a bit off the valve stem (not too much). I am sure Wristpin will not necessarily approve of this practice but it has worked for me on several occasions.
  15. The last time the country was this divided was the English Civil War. It's all very painful & I will be glad when it's over & the news headlines start with something other than Brexit
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