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  1. Fix'em all

    paint codes

    I think Ral3001 Signal Red is close but I may be wrong.
  2. HI again,  That's Ok.  How do I pay you?  I assume you live in Brackley near Reading and could you please tell me what times would be convenient to collect it.




  3. Fix'em all

    Two wheeled trailed seat

  4. Fix'em all

    Versatiller MK1 Manual

    Does anyone know anything about the Versatiller MK3. I don't think it had the same engine as the first 2 models but interested what engine it had fitted.
  5. Fix'em all

    Two wheeled trailed seat

    I have an Autosteer trailing seat for an Atco. Not sure if it could be adapted to fit
  6. Fix'em all

    Plastic Petrol Tank leak.

    Is it one of the Mountfields with a one piece fuel tank & pull start assembly. They always leak & the best bet is to find another engine
  7. Fix'em all

    hayter osprey

    The non EP gear oil is GL1
  8. Fix'em all

    Versatiller MK1 Manual

    Could be Paul !! I think i am correct in saying you already have one of these, so it's good to share The book mentions a separate manual for the 75 engine, that would be a nice to have.
  9. Fix'em all

    Versatiller MK1 Manual

    Lucky enough to pick up this rare 1950's manual to go with my equally rare Versatiller Mk 1
  10. Fix'em all

    hayter osprey

    Hi John & welcome to the group. I believe these have a clutch with a friction plate & it has probably all rusted together. You need to strip it without damaging the components if possible. I have never worked on one of these, but assume it may have an asbestos clutch plate that won't want to be soaked in wd40 if you want to re-use it. I am sure one of the other members will be able to give you more detailed advice, but a couple of photos will be useful if you can.
  11. Fix'em all

    Happy Birthday pmackellow.

    Happy Birthday Paul, have a good un
  12. Brand new genuine Kohler piston ring set (2 available). £15 per set plus p&p
  13. Fix'em all

    unknown new piston

    In amongst a job lot of Kohler & Victa new spares is this piston. It appears to measure 2.5/8" diameter of just under 67mm. Any ideas?
  14. Fix'em all

    can you hepl me

    Search for Colwood on this site and you will find out more info from previous posts. With older machines like this, you just have to gather snippets of information by searching.
  15. Fix'em all

    Happy Birthday Stormin

    Happy birthday Norm !