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  1. Thank you dear David, i am very impressed by your knowledge. I follow your advice and buy all the parts to restore. If I need i will contact you later to help me ... please let me know the total price and how to pay (paypal is ok for me). Kind regards from France still under lockdown
  2. Dear David, i am interested to buy all the parts to restore the engine and make it running (screws, carb diaph, starter..). The reference on the starter is "Compact III". I attached some photos. Do you have the same engine complete (running) for sale? best regards - jean pascal
  3. Dear David, thank you again. I will check the mesures as soon as possible ( not at home now...) and send you to check also on your side. I need all the parts to be sure (one starter bag is ok) I need the screws. Do not worry if I write to you next week....I am very busy and not at home. We keep in touch. you can also contact me at md.arbonne@yahoo.fr or voitureapedales.fr@gmail.com Best wishes from Burgundy - Jean Pascal
  4. Thanks a lot . I will inform you. Your forum seems cool , congrats
  5. Thank you dear for your answer. If it's possible to find one complete working, it would be fine. How much could it costs? (more shipping to France?) I will take pictures asap. Regards thanx...... www.voitureapedales.fr is my collection I will think to sale the green one. Not sure for the moment. I will let you know Thank you david, yes it is in poor condition....that's sad....Do you think that yours is very different? how to check if it is the good one? how much is it? my email is md.arbonne@yahoo.fr. - regards- jean pascal
  6. Dear, YES it is an OURAGAN by the brand DEVILLAINE ( France 1966) I have 2 of them, one in excellent and original condition and one original but these part is missing . thank you for your message. This engine is on a kid car from 1966. The french brand DEVILLAINE produced this model named OURAGAN ( hurican...). http://www.voitureapedales.fr/devillaine-ouragan/. I have 2 of them . One red in very very good and original condition and a rare green also original but not complete ( missing the parts of the recoil starter)....help !
  7. Hi david thank you for your answer here are included some photos . I need a complete and working recoil starter or parts to restore it it is a O&R 1hp 20cc Regards
  8. Hi, a message from France....I am looking for a complete (and working) recoil starter for a 1HP Ohlsson and Rice. Does any body has one for sale? thank you jp
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