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  1. I changed the fuel line, It runs now. Here my video! Masterdriller
  2. Hello All, i got an ice Auge driller for less money (25€) here in Germany. I like this little old machines much. My old o&r Drillgine gone broken some years ago… I didn’t found much informations about this tool online. Does anybody has a manual? First thing I have to do, is to clean it. Than I have to change the old fuel line. Maybe after these things I will mix fuel and try to start it 😄 to bore a hole into wood… greetings from Germany Jens
  3. https://www.ebay.de/itm/373783789423?hash=item57073fff6f:g:PX8AAOSwcu5hhu9a this Motor here is to old, that any part would match with mine? Over wich year i have to look for an motor, or parts?
  4. Hello, i was able to start the motor. It was running for one minute, than something like backfire and after this i could not turn the crankshaft round I thought, maybe broken pistonrings. Today i disassambled it. While i took thy cilinder and piston of, may little thing fall down. And i saw the broken crankshaft Oh no it is dead... So if somebody has this broken part for a good price, please send me a message. Regards Jens
  5. Hello all, i put new fuelhose and new fuel into the machine. And bye the way, i took the wrong hose of the fuel tank. Now it is better to get fuel into the carburetor. But the machine start only a few seconds. I also blowed out this airfilterdirt… I ordered now a new diaphragm. Than i hope it will run, if not i will clean it all up again. Where can i get this red pump knob? regards Jens
  6. Hello All, i have some carburetor problems with my drillgine of nov. 1975 no: 13B403 and 5110787. Its not possible to get fuel over the pump. The vent of this carburetor is a little rubber knob and i think this thing does not work. However the fuel goes just a little bit don and high inside the fueltube. I dont like to put acarburetor of a newer machine on the drillgine. So does someone maybe knows how to become parts für this carburetor, or a other carburetor? I live in Germany Thanks Jens
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