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Drill Master ICE Auge driller from Osceola Power equipment

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Hello All,

i got an ice Auge driller for less money (25€) here in Germany. I like this little old machines much. My old o&r Drillgine gone broken some years ago…

I didn’t found much informations about this tool online. Does anybody has a manual? First thing I have to do, is to clean it. Than I have to change the old fuel line. Maybe after these things I will mix fuel and try to start it 😄 to bore a hole into wood…


greetings from Germany Jens




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That looks as if it will clean up well. I used a similar machine made by Stihl as a starter motor for my Ransomes Crawlers. It worked well on machines with a decompressor and on those without as long as you turned the flywheel to past compression it would usually spin them over.

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