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  1. Hi Wristpin Finally got around to sorting the jet assembly, the parts I bought include a metal dished washer, would this be the part you were referring too. I seem to have lost your email which you sent showing assembly instructions and wonder if you get time you could email these again. Many thanks
  2. Hi Wristpin Having collected the parts from a supplier in Cinderford I got diverted and acquired a petrol tank through eBay with the screw on jet assembly. I installed this and the mower has been running well this season. This seemed to be a much simpler process but I intend to fit the replacement plastic jet in readiness for the next grass growing season giving me another to fall back on. Again many thanks for your interest.
  3. Thank you yes I have the 0 ring and will try to private message you with my email address
  4. Thank you Wristpin I have extracted the nylon sleeve and ordered a replacement part. There are no internal threads. Thank you again for your help.
  5. Thank you Wristpin. This Is my mistake in that I screwed the needle in to the outer nylon casing outside of the carb and inserted the jet whilst the carb was installed. It only became apparent to me. that there was a flat in the casing when the jet was fully installed. The jet was not able to be pressed in without turning and now the nylon casing is fully stuck the flat being about 10oclock from the flat in the casing at 12oclock. Does this mean that there is a restricted fuel flow to the carb and will I have to try to remove the casing and start again. This being the case I will replace the jet with a new part. The carb appears to the correct one for this part. Photo attached
  6. Having turned the needle all the way in the nylon sleeve outside the carb it did not simply push in to the carb but needed to be screwed in . This is now a tight fit and when undoing the needle the nylon sleeve stays intact with no movement. There is a small flat on the sleeve and I wonder if the position of the sleeve in the carb is critical. Still not starting and fuel does not appear to be reaching spark plug, ie dry after attempt to start
  7. Thank you both for your helpful suggestions. I have turned the fuel valve all the way in outside the carb and it does seem to hold firm when fitting. The needle is in good condition. Will have another attempt at starting at the weekend.
  8. Yes its the push in plastic type. Ive looked at the Briggs and Stratton website and their parts list shows an identical part so there appears to be nothing missing.
  9. I have had a good look at there fuel valve photo attached and it appears to be in unworn condition. Still it falls out when fully tightened. Is this normal and does anyone have a similar situation. If not could I be missing a retainer. Not sure if replacing would make a difference. Regards
  10. Thanks guys for your help with this. Will replace the fuel valve and see if that fixes the problem. Regards
  11. Cleaned up rust area and found another number Model No 94908 Type 015501 Code 80100708 Machine No 224853 See attached photos
  12. Hi Having looked again there are only three numbers Machine number 224853 Model number 015501 Code 80100708 Hope this helps Regards
  13. I have found another number Engine number 22485 Aldy
  14. The number on the side of the machine reads 015501 80100708. We acquired the machine 30 years ago and it has proved to be reliable. Aldy
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