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  1. Not to be pedantic but the 5HP engine is a 13 cubic unit (12.6) to be precise ie 206cc engine.
  2. It shouldn't give much of a fight. What condition is the actual needle in.
  3. I find those difficult to adjust because there's no fully turned in point. I find that turning it all the way in while it's outside of the carburettor helps. Let me know how you get on
  4. Is this the push in plastic type.
  5. what is the cutter belt size on the 21 please Lauren
  6. A friend that has a lawnmower repair/sales business found one in the cobwebbed area of the parts store lol. There are a few new ones online but why not buy hew linings and epoxy the pad to the disc. https://www.autoandindustrial.co.uk/clutch-facings-in-various-materials/
  7. Thankyou so much Richard !!! :-)
  8. What age is the engine in question. Briggs and stratton use a Model Type Code layout If the Code is 890202 for example that means it was made in 02/02/1989 Lauren
  9. How much to paint my 1989 21 LOL
  10. if no kill wire it should run but you wont be able to stop unless you unplug the wire from the plug. i suspect the coil there is a test in ohms you can do. i cant remember the measurement.hopefully someone else will help
  11. Perhaps we need a sub page :-) for Old Hayter machinery :-)
  12. Old Thread But Highly Relevent. !!! Just acquired a Hayter 21 Serial 016 5 Hp Briggs 132922 1989 engine needed a new clutch (reason it was dumped in the hedge) It runs great Lauren
  13. which packaging should i look out for, for the original araldite ? I dont want that 5 minute one. Lauren p.s ive seen this one
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