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I don't know if this is in the right section, :dunno:  but I notice on occasion on various forums, members asking where to obtain Argon gas for mig welding. I have found a company 'Gas Direct' nr Newark,I opened an account and have just received a 50ltr bottle of argon/co2 15% and the same size of pure argon at a good price. If it is allowed on the forum I can post the prices I have paid. These are the large bottles ie BOC 'w' size

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Hi Ian, prices I paid are delivery charge= £20.00. no charge for pick up.ARGON 15, 50LTR (BIG BOTTLE)  = £18.00.

PURE ARGON, again 50 ltr bottle.=  £29.00.

cylinder rental = £5.95 per bottle per month. no other charges,except vat. I haven't checked the pressures yet but I believe they are either 230 bar or 300 bar.

Tel-01400 282626. :)

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