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JCB Solite Hydraulic Power Pack.

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Had a bit of a disaster with the chasis. The other day I sprayed it up and it looked great,so I left it to dry. When I went to the unit today to take some shots, to my horror I saw that the paint had reacted badly with something! As I've used enamel I'm going to have to let it set for a few weeks before rubbing it down.

Doing some research I've discovered that the Solite was a machine that jcb purchased the design rights to. The same chap who designed it apparently designed the panther 101 pack(after selling jcb the rights then competing agaisnt them) that I've got. Having a close look at them today I can see the similarities. A lot of the parts used would simply interchange.

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The chasis has finally hardened enough to re rub down. I still cant figure out what caused the reaction, but to try and counter act it happening

again I will put the first couple of coats of primer on a lot drier.

One of the biggest problems Ive been encountering is with sourcing the obsolete parts is trying to find out the proper names. After a lot of

searching Ive found a new set of mounts that are called Shear Mounts, and clips to hold the wheels in place called star clips.






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Removed the decal today, I was hopping the surface underneath would be almost perfect and mean that it

only wanted a scotch clothing,- No  such luck!


 Underneath I discovered in the faded paint that this machine at one time belonged to Chislett Hire, ( a

large company still trading today).


 I have now started the long laborious task of stripping the nylon coating off the frame, as before this will

take a long time due to the rheumatism/ arthritis in my hands. I just wish I could find an easier way to get it off, Ive tried

seemingly everything, a grit blaster, paint stripper, acid, fire, yet nothing seems to shift it!






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I managed to catch a short break in the rain yesterday so I repainted the chasis again. This morning I went to the

unit early and started building it up. The hydraulic pump has also been cleaned up and refitted. Hopefully

wont be to long until I have the old girl running again.



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Went to the unit early again this morning, and got my new old stock oil

cooler fitted into the cleaned up housing.

I also cleaned up the battery tray and fitted it. Just got to make up a clamp,

and some wires.










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Lovely job. Better than new. Well done and a nice line up. :thumbs:

Thanks for the compliment, but I wouldn't say they are better than new, but just as good as I'm able to get them. Hopefully there will soon be a beaver 2 to add to the line, then I'll just need to find a show that will accept something like these as most don't seem to have a plant section.

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next weekend sedlescome, sussex-kent border

they won't be ready this year but I'll look into it for next year thanks.

I know I shouldn't but I somehow just ended up buying this older example. It should be arriving the end of the week. I believe the engine is an 11hp briggs and stratton, the carb is missing some parts and maybe the air filter. Can any one help with any spares please?




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Nice looking set of Power units you're restoring Gareth.

As for B&S parts, I don't hold any, but if you need any help to ID and find a source for the bits you need, I'll be happy to help.  Just need the Engine Model/Spec and Serial numbers first if you can post them up.

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Thank you Richard for the offer of help, im hopping to track down some used spares as the

pennies are a bit tight at the moment, but may have to resort to new parts if no joy.

Today I carried on with the hydraulic oil tank. As I had NOS oil filler top and filter in the workshop

I thought it would be stupid not to fit them. Tommorrow I going to hunt out a better filter condition

guage as the one fitted is past overhauling.

 I have also nearly finished stripping the frame down, (just a few bends to reverse and the under

side of the rear panel left).







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Today Ive been plumbing in the hydraulics, new hoses were used throughout as the old ones were

perished and the ends rusty. I also refurbed a better filter condition guage.




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The briggs engined solite arrived today. I guess its what you would call an ebay special!!!

Basically what ever way you look at it the engine is beyond economic repair, not only the

missing parts but also the block is showing evidence of the conrod being broken in the past.

In my experience they are never quite the same again.

 I can see why non of the photos showed the front of the machine, quite sevre rot in the frame

and the eyesore of an air shroud, (conviently not mentioned in the listing!)

On the bright side though after a pressure wash it looked a lot better, so am now just looking

for a complete engine if anyone can help please?





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After checking the forecast I got to the workshop just after 6am this morning to put the paint on the straightened top frame. There must be something in the nylon coating that causes a reaction with the top coat I using because even though I thought I'd removed it all I still got a slight lifting in places. Luckily most of it seems to be confined to where the decal will sit,so I should be able to do a localised touch up fairly easily.

Sorry if the photos come out upside down, due to having no internet at home till the news year( thanks a bunch EE) I've had to piggy back onto the works broadband using the iPad that allways seems to rotate pictures that I take.



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I did hope to finally have this running over christmas,

However I have hit a snag in that the valve block won't

clear the return pipe so I need a special coupling that I

don't have so will now have to wait until the supplier goes

back in January.

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