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Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan - Forest find !

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I had a couple of T2's around 25 years ago now .The last was a fixed roof Devon camper van .

Kept getting overtaken by an old couple in one going down the A1 , I was flat out at 55 and they cruised by , pulled up then cruised by again .Met up with them at Peterborough and the old guy told me what the problem was - I had the origonal centrifugal rotor arm govenor fitted - Bye bye  govenor and hello 70mph .

Sold a spare gold seal engine to a South African rugby player from Doncaster who was amazed when i started it in the van i had fitted it in to test it and within 10 mins i was lifting it into his Hilux .

Super easy to work on but a pain to get to tick over consistantly ....

Nice to see another one saved .


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