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Sticking rubber tyre to cast iron wheel

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Suggestions please for a suitable adhesive to stick the solid tyre to the Antelope's cast wheel as the tyre has become slack and wanders off on its own! because the tyre is slightly slack I suspect that something with some gap filling properties is a better bet that a straight contact adhesive such as Evostick.

Once back in place I can put a few pop rivets around the inner edge as there is sufficient clearance around the rim of the wheel.

CIMG4475 (Medium).JPG

CIMG4476 (Medium).JPG

CIMG4477 (Medium).JPG

CIMG4478 (Medium).JPG

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Thanks guys. The same request on another forum endorsed the recommendation for Gorilla and also suggested Everbuild Stixall.

A visit to Wickes and B&Q failed to produce Stixall and only the  Gorilla wood adhesive but Evo-Stick Ultimate appears to have done the job.

While on the Antelope trail,  does anyone have a belt guard for sale?

CIMG4481 (Medium) (Small).JPG

CIMG4487 (Medium) (Small).JPG

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