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O&R Model L challenge

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I collected a parcel a few weeks ago containing a mostly dismantled early O&R model L engine, complete with a seized piston & bent con-rod. :(

I will see how far I can rebuild it, I know the cover for the clutch housing is missing as well as most of the screws.




It seems to be quite rare to find the model letter still on the decal.




A view of the bent con-rod.





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This weekend I've finally had a bit of time to see if I could free up the seized piston, it was left to soak for a couple of days with some oil in the cylinder as I usually do, then I used the flywheel to turn it gently each way a little bit at a time until it was free.


Once the piston was free to move, I could safely remove the cylinder without any further damage.
It looks like this early engine had little or no use.






I think I may have a spare con-rod somewhere, just need to locate it. :fingerscrossed:




Looks like it has the odd sized piston rings, although it shouldn't have according to a service bulletin (last used in 1961 with serial number 006072) as this is serial number 006403, I guess they still had a few left and used them all up.







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