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My Auto Culto A nicer the the border reiver

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:yankchain:Hi All here is my old Auto Culto model A 1929 I have just Preserved it rather than restored it I think it looks great the Patina was so good it would have been a shame to paint it even runs nicely too so much nicer than a yellow Auto Culto that is on here sorry about that Mr Callender Plooman what do you think guys ? 

Auto culto model a.JPG

Auto culto modela pic1.JPG

Autoculto model a pic2.JPG

Auto culto model a pic 3.JPG

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Very nice example you have there. ideal condition to keep as it is with the oily rag etc. Can't quite make out which Villiers Mk is in it?.

Trying to research early 20s Villiers myself at the moment.

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