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Getting Ready To Plough

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I did a short test run and did not lower the plough completely, but the 3 bottom plough moved through centuries old grazing land like it was pulling a small wagon at depth of just over 6-7 inches. I chose not to use coulters as even with short grass it tends to clog the ploughs. Tomorrow I will stake out a 10 acre plot with flags and wait for a good day to put steel to earth. The David Brown 990 6 speed live drive is  just a wonderful joy to drive and each day I'm getting more proficient in her operation.





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10 hours ago, Stormin said:

 That ground looks quite hard, Alain. How deep are you wanting to plough?

Hard as stone. Its had cow or buffaloes on it for a millennium. About 8 inches is all I need to plant hemp. The plant material will rot into the topsoil providing a good amount of nutrients where its needed, on the top 6 inches

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