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  1. Westie1

    Slot hitch

    Thanks mate much appreciated, they look bomb proof
  2. Westie1

    Slot hitch

    Sorry for resurecting this but do you have any of these hitches for sale or any drawings? I've got a slot hitch plough coming and looking at options. If I go clevis I'll have to buy the hitch and then convert the plough. Thanks thought it's worth an ask.
  3. Westie1

    MF7E Refurb project

    These little tractors look ace, I would love to find one some day. I'll enjoy following this! Ah I didn't realise this was you Ewan lol
  4. Westie1

    Wheel horse D200 with homemade 3 point linkage

    Good God what a good thread Mark! You make it look effortless lol. Love the 3 point solution although you didn't have a gearbox or tank to contend with. Fantastic 👏
  5. Westie1

    Wheel horse D200 with homemade 3 point linkage

    Thanks I'll have a look this evening mate. I've seen some kits on eBay and wondered it they could be used https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F311531407571
  6. Westie1

    Wheel horse D200 with homemade 3 point linkage

    This is great, did it work well and could some think like this work on a C series WH?
  7. Westie1

    This Kohler beyond repair?

    Thanks for that, I've used meetens and the chap was great!
  8. Westie1

    R.I.P. Lily

    That's sad sending condolences. They are funny little dogs, my wife had one until last year. It was subborn as a mule and never could be off the lead the scruffy swine. He was ace though.
  9. Westie1

    Newby Hall 2019 Tractor Fest.

    It's the same weekend as "open farm sunday" that we do at school. I can only make the Saturday as a walk in, gutted but can't wait to see them there.
  10. Westie1

    Exhaust valve opening on compression stroke

    Great info thanks, it was a bugger to start before but I'm hoping that was because I could have thrown a brick between the head and cylinder lol.
  11. Westie1

    Exhaust valve opening on compression stroke

    Never heard of it before and I thought how the hell does the cam change if it does lol, amazing really. Got the head back on now and hopefully when I've got it rewired it will run bob on.
  12. Morning all, Just been turning the engine over by hand and I have valve lift on what i think is the compression stroke. Would adjusting the valves stop this or is it designed this way. Thanks Found out it's compression release for anyone wondering the same.
  13. Westie1

    Rebellion in the Works?

    If this goes badly I will spoil every vote till the day I die and may just find myself a yellow vest.
  14. Westie1

    Newby Hall 2019 Tractor Fest.

    My horse is in bits but I'm tempted to try it out. Where do I get forms from and would my 1 horse be enough to bother? I'll be going as a pedestrian if not lol.