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  1. 😂 going to say i 1st knew you as meadowfield. Think its safe to say after my crap school news today ill be rain checking new toys for a bit anyway until i know what im doing.
  2. Thats you isnt it mark? I wouldn't want to unsult you mate to be honest, im dam sure its show ready being yours.
  3. Evening, Im looking for some implements for my newly working c165. I could really use a snow plough for some duties at my new house like leveling the new garden top soil. I would also like a tool bar to adapt and could use one from a walk behind for example. Let me know if anyome has anything to fit the bill. Im in Barnsley, Yorkshire Thanks Rob
  4. Westie1

    Fuel problems.

    Thanks ive 2 so ill pick the best and give it a clean as you suggest
  5. Westie1

    Fuel problems.

    How would you recommend cleaning these plastic tanks? Nuts and stardrops be ok?
  6. Ah im glad i didn't go that route then, thanks for the info could have been a costly misrake that stuffs expensive!
  7. Ah i was going to go with the bilt hamber stuff too but ive gone with the corroless system now. How did you find the hydrate 80 from them and was it their zinc primer you used? Electrox?
  8. Cracking job, what colour did you go for? Mine is at the very early stages, just ordered the primer and throwing stuff in the electrolysis tank!
  9. Right thanks ill give it a go, dont worry ive sorted the switch now
  10. This video says it needs the flywheel re magnetizing. My engine is 170707 briggs 8hp
  11. Really? I would be quite happy to convert it if i could. Ive seen the youtube videos ect and it looks easy enough to do.
  12. All ive done today (other than kill my horse) is read. Your right i wired 12v to the kill switch like a massive plonker! Cant convert to electronic ignition without having the flywheel magnets re polorised so its flywheel off and new coil time. All i wanted to do was cut lawn make a short vid and sell it to fund ibiza 😂 Pollock
  13. Afternoon Bit of an issue with my b111 mower. It wouldnt start at all so i charged battery and no use so last weekend i fault found an earth issue i think between the solenoid and tower. Everything was cleaned up wd40'd and it turned over. Today it wouldnt stop turning over even with the switch disconnected so i thought short circuit. Got loom out and it works well. BUT 5 seconds after i shut off ready to look at carb (wouldnt start) i get smoke from the flywheel and it looks like my coil has burnt out! Whats caused this and can i use a generic chinese ebay coil. Its a 8hp briggs. Thanks
  14. Does anyone have one kicking around, the one I have is holed quite badly with rust. Picture for example of what I'm after. It's for a c141 Cheers Rob
  15. Thanks mate much appreciated, they look bomb proof
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