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Wisconsin S012D Piston Rings

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Your engine is listed as S12D. I used this to search and find ring sets for that model (12hp, points ignition).

There is also a TRA12D, identical, but with electronic ignition, but I suspect they both use the same ring part number.

You will have to obtain a service/parts manual to double check what you need, or provide a retailer with all of your engine's model/spec and serial numbers.

Wisconsin are still in business in the U.S and suspect will be the only place you will get replacements that you can trust and be prepared to pay premium prices/delivery and import charges.......then again, it depends where in the world you are located??? 

link to example   Piston Ring possibility   

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On 7/12/2019 at 6:50 PM, bonnievanderhuls said:

Thank you Anglo,

    Hastings has a very good site for reference.  I appreciate the tip.


I have the wisconsin manuals and part numbers, don't think the TRA-12D and S12D are the same, but it could be. I'll post the part numbers for the S12D. The company that sell wisconsin parts is called Teledyne

The piston is part number DB-231, it is available (supposedly) in .010 and .030 oversize. The ring set (3 rings) is part number DR-58, supposedly available in .010, .020, and .030 over size. The top compression ring is part number DC-340. The 2nd scraper ring is part number DC-339. The 3rd oil ring (bottom) is part number DC-338. The piston pin is part number DE-79

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