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Generator (O&R Tiny Tiger)

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On 10/1/2019 at 4:11 PM, Tony454 said:

Found this lil gem. Curious as to how old it might be and any other info.


A little late maybe but welcome to the forum.


That is a Tiny Tiger generator with an Ohlsson & Rice engine, we can't accurately date O&R's made before June 1967*, but looking at the engine fitted I suspect this is either a .85HP or 1HP model (usually a type 111) dating from the mid 1960's, sorry I can't be more specific, the serial number can help narrow down the date a little.


*Engines made after June 1967 have the year & month coded into the serial number.


Lots of other Tiny Tiger's in the O&R section;




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Trying to find Part # for these parts they are out of a older Drillgine type 100 ser 022431




Edited by JUST O&R
I see # on gear but # is not in price list

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