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SWM Trials.

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Took a trip down to South Wales to take SWMBO to meet her long lost sister and family. While there exploring their farm and buildings, I stumbled on a trials motorcycle covered in 20yrs of dust and grime. After a pressure wash it looked a little better.




   1982 SWM 125 TL. Italian built with Bombadier 2 stroke Rotax engine made in Austria. Very popular in their day and ridden by some of the top riders.


  Before we left, minus front wheel and handlebars, it fitted nicely in the back of my car. It's now at it's new home.


  Engine turns over but no spark. Think it's a wiring problem but could be ignition. CDI set up. I'll investigate that later when I've done some research.

  Started the strip down this morning, so some photo's of progress.








First post was Fridays work. This post is Saturday.


Bit more done today.








Things will slow down now. Cleaning up. Seeing what needs replacing and sourcing the money. :think:


Just hope I can remember where everything goes.

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Stripped the fork legs down yesterday.




  I'll need new seals and stanchions. The stanchions are well pitted and wont re-chrome. The lower legs will be sand blasted. I met a chap yesterday who's going to let me use his blasting cabinet. It's bigger than mine and the frame should just fit in, if my measurements are right. :handgestures-fingerscrossed: I'll find out later in the week.


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Well the frame fitted in the cabinet. Just! Made my poor old back ache though, having to stoop a bit and moving the thing round. Got it done though. Plus some other parts.








 Tomorrow I'll give everything a rub down and get things primed.

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1 hour ago, nigel said:

So your not going to powder coat it then Norm


Don't know yet, Nigel. Depends on cost. Primer is to stop any rust forming after blasting.


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  Spent the weekend painting bits and bobs. Couldn't decide whether to paint the frame or get it powder coated. Monday morning I made the decision and took the frame and swinging arm to be powder coated after lunch. Get it back in about a week. 

   In the mean time I'll see where I can get new fork stanchions and seals, plus rear shocks.




To days been a real washout. None stop rain. So it's been a workshop day.


 These parts are now finished and will be wrapped up and put away.



  Started on the wheels today. First the rear. Removed the brake plate and then the shoes. Cleaning the old paint off the brake plate took a while. Much scraping and wire brushing. Then it was primed. Later it got a first and second coat of top coat.

 Getting the tyre off was a right fight. It still had air in. Not bad for standing for 20yrs. My valve removal tool seems to have gone awol, so I got as much air out as I could by pushing the valve down. Next broke the beads with the use of a G clamp. Then the struggle started.

  The tyre side wall goes well down in the rim. About an inch. With the use of one long lever and two short ones, plus a big screw driver, the tyre succumbed. Pulling the tube out with some air still in it, was a struggle as well. Gave the wheel a bit of a clean up, then put it on one side.

  Next, the turn of the front wheel. Brake plate got the same treatment as the rear one. That and the brake arm are now awaiting a second top coat. That's it for today. Seven and a half hours is enough. Wheel will get the tyre removed another day.


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 Picked the frame and swinging arm up from the powder coaters this morning. Well pleased with them.




  Wheel hubs and spokes got cleaned up Wednesday and finished Thursday. Really time consuming. The remaining paint on the hubs had to be carefully chipped and scraped off. The spokes rubbed down with emery cloth.

  Hubs got a first coat of paint this afternoon. Brush painted with one of Carols 3/4" wide artists brushes.




  Next week I start the hunt for parts.


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