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  The C-125 has not started right since I did the rebuild. Needed plenty of winding up and juggling of controls. Ran ok when started and I've been living with it.

  Today I decided enough was enough and set too to get it sorted. First I checked the points. They were a little wide so I adjusted the gap. Didn't help. So removed the air filter and squirted some fuel into the carb. Open the throttle, turn the key and it fired right up.

  Fuel pump? OK! I'll change that. Got a spare and tested it. Length of pipe on the inlet and end in some petrol. Worked the lever as fast as I could, and a nice jet of fuel shot out. So that was fitted. Still no joy.

  Decided to change the reconditioned carb I'd fitted, that a friend had rebuilt. Fitted the original carb and that has done the trick. Must be something in the recon' carb not just right. I'll strip it someday and see what I can find. Maybe the float wants re-setting. Definitely not getting enough fuel through.

  BTW. I'd remove float bowl the other week and that was spotless. The hand over the carb mouth trick didn't help either. So dirt in the carb ruled out.

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