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Wheel Horse Whoa's.

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  After mowing yesterday, with the C-125, I found the front right bolt holding engine and wobble plate had snapped. Solid mountings and not the original rubber ones. I noticed a slight gap 'tween spacer and plate. So I suspect the plate isn't quite true. With feeler gauges it was just over 70 thou.

  This morning I dropped the front axle and removed the cross bar. The broken end came out easily when the drill bit, bit. So bar was replaced.

  I then found a washer that measured 75 thou. That would do as a shim under the spacer after I cut a slot in it to clear the bolt.

  All back together now and hope fully no more sheared bolts.


  I'd still been having starting problems with the C-125 and yesterday it refused to start. Squirting petrol in the carb mouth made no difference and the plug had a good spark.

  I decide to check the points and found they were rather wide. That would throw the timing out. I'm assuming that last time I adjusted the points, they'd opened up when the securing screw was tightened. This does happen sometimes. After about a half hour of  setting, tightening, checking, setting, tightening, checking, I managed to get the correct 20 thou gap.

  Better starting now and runs better as well.

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