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Rear tractor rack.

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 I've been making a couple of attachments for the Sears/Roper recently.


First was a front tow hitch out of some scrap lying around. May not look pretty, but functual and cheap. :)




  Secondly a rack for the rear of it. I did make a tote box for the front to carry my chainsaw etc, but on really rough ground it would hit large bumps or ground out on deep holes. So I decided to make a rack to carry it behind the seat.

  Again made from scrap and an old scrap gate.




Box trial fitted.



 Finally some paint thrown on with a brush.



 Later I had an idea. I was bored BTW. A seat was lying on the shelf, so let's fit it to the rack.



Not ideal but good for a laugh.



Certainly strong but best not pull any wheelies. :D 


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I think you should have supplied Carol with seat belts, a parachute, and an eject mechanism Norm.  Especially with you driving.:yankchain: :hide:   Mods look good though.  :thumbs:

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