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  1. Could once buy a 312 and gutbrod with renault engine. It had flopping steering and floppy transshifter. Was the same as a WH D250. But apart from that, Gutbrod are good machines. Had my first riding mower when I was 15-16. And my first garden tractor (raider10) november 2020. I have 2 GT's and i am 19 years old. Hard to find affordable GT's in Belgium as most gardens are to small for one.
  2. maybe you can use a jute bag. Our honda push mower has a bag, the frabic looks just like a jute bag.
  3. Can you PM me his website/ad. Or something i can come in touch with him? Looking for some WH parts here in Belgium. And it's been very hard. Thanks in advance
  4. I am 19 years old and always working on garden tractors. People my age are always spending time with their girlfriend. The other day my parents came asking if I had met any nice girls and if their was a girl I liked. I replied with only this picture:
  5. How is the steering on it? Wasn't that a weak point too?
  6. Went out to the shop today. Opened the barn for 2 minutes and they were already there to stay. Had to close the door in the evening because they didn't want to go. We will let them out first thing in the morning.
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