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    Calf dozer

    This is my latest purchase and arguably my favorite one yet. An aveling barford calf dozer, a very early one being the hopper cooled one and the original 800cc dorman Petrol engine. A beast of a machine and built to with stand the test of time. Due to the nature of use, usually these machines are worn out but this one is pretty good in my opinion. Starts easily and will run all day. Has the front blade with it and drawbar. Wanted one of these for a while and now finally have one. here are some pictures for you guys.
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    Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Bought this as my winter project, it needs lots and lots of work
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    1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    Last year I bought an old DAF 66 estate locally. It's a quirky little old car that is powered by a 1.1 Renault engine with variomatic transmission. It will need some TLC on the sills. The colour is Tundra Green. These are photos of when I got it back in December and have yet to update the photos. Very unusual to find a DAF, let alone an estate. I have sorted out the engine with a service including finding a new alternator. The DAF Owners Club is a gem of a club and have helped me out with a few items.DAF Hobby, in the Netherlands, sourced me the outer sills. Here are some photos for Koen's benefit.
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    Just a few photos of various things over the two days, weather not great.
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    the showman

    Newhaven Fort

    Spent a lovely day at Newhaven Fort Battle of Britain day, took the Chicken plucking machine as its pre-war. Lots of stuff to look at in nice weather with two bands playing 40s music, very enjoyable and chilled day. Heres a few photos.
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    the showman


    Decided to give the 800 a little TLC, during it's tour of duty at johns towing a heavy trailer the drive belt started to slip. i had a rummage in the shed and found a few spare belts and found one a tad shorter so went about fitting it, once stripped down i found the drive pulley loose and one hub . All tight and belt fitted also changed the oil in the tranny. all good to go to Kingsfold at the weekend.
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    Newhaven Fort

    Thanks Chris, unusual shot of me at the trough then !! Here's some more photos including the obligatory group photos...
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    smart&brown model M

    time for a small update methinks, picture time found some numbers on the back of the base, d 21. no idea what these numbers mean but they've been painted over once before and put back on in a slightly different location also found some stamped numbers in one of the scraped surfaces. could this mean this is the thirteenth lathe build? mostly bare metal now, time for some red oxide now sporting a nice coat of RAL 3011 tadaaa! first coat of paint on the outside. collour/collor code is RAL 7005 thats all the pics for now. i did hot pressure wash the ways and some of the other big bits as they were pretty greasy and it also took most of the non original paint off. and before you ask yes i did dry and oil all the machined surfaces after washing it
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    Big Old Door

    A young couple bought an old door (not sure if it was that old, I don't believe so) at auction and asked me to remove the finish and restore the stain/varnish. This is the first couple hours work. It had at least 8-10 coats of various types of colored varnish and/or lacquer on the outside, which if it was a new door lead me to believe that the previous workmanship was a failed endeavor, at least to the buyer. I believe the door is Ash and it is about 8 feet tall. There is a wrought iron grate that goes over the small door/window. All this is being done by hand with sand paper and hand scrapers.
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    Hesket New Market Agricultural Show.

    Had a good day and the weather was kind. Mainly an agricultural show as the title says, but a lot going on. Cattle, sheep, horses, craft, children's competitions and a round of champion Cumberland wrestling. Plus stalls etc. Something for everyone, but it would have been nice to see more vintage entries. First, to put you in the mood, some shots of the site. The only stationary engines. A couple of horse draw pieces of equipment. The chaps who own these, also have quite a large collection of horse draw agricultural equipment. Some of the tractors. This crawler created quite a lot of interest. Fergie engine mated to an American crawler, (Jonathan knows the make) done by some company in Perthshire. Some very nice motorcycles. Not seen a Thruxton Velocette since my coffee bar days. Three of the more interesting cars. Last but not least the horticultural entries.
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    Massey Ferguson Freebie

    Model 1450A, out of 2498 Massey Ferguson model 1450's units there were less than a 1000 that were 1450A models; those with factory three point and rear PTO. I got the missing rear pin/draw hitch as well. It did cost me a 200 mile round trip ride to get it, but glad to have it along with a complete 48" dozer blade, and rebuildable deck.
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    The Mini Tractors NI club held a small working show on the 26 August. One of the club members had told me before about their working day but I had never managed to get round to going to it. This year I was given a flyer for the show and decided to keep that date free and take my Ransomes MG40 and discs down for a play. We don't seem to have the same number of exhibitors for garden tractors or horticultural machinery as you do in the rest of the UK so it was good to see such a good display of machines. Changing the colour and re-branding a certain make of red tractor seemed quite popular. There were a couple of interesting home made machines that caught my eye.
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    Just found the photo's that I couldn't find. This shows the cross member assembly trial fitted at the front of the chassis. Thought I also had one showing it before fitting but no sign of it. Should have mentioned earlier that I had a LOT of help from Iain ( slf-uk ) with photo's and measurements. On one of his numerous visits to John's he mentioned that he had a D-160 and 200 and offered to obtain any details I required. This offer was taken up countless times with Iain dropping everything, day and night, and rushing into his workshop with camera, tape, and notebook. Well, not quite rushing but a speedy response. A lot of the photo's found on the internet didn't show details from the correct angle but a request to Iain explaining what I wanted produced the required result. A BIG THANKS Iain. Now that the grill surround was made it needed something to fill the hole. The grill was made from 3/4 x 1/2" alloy angle with 3/16" silver steel uprights, threaded 2BA at the top and drilled 1/16" at the bottom for a wire pin. The spacers were from alloy tube. Using the 1/2" width of the angle as the front face with a 1/2" gap between each plus the same top and bottom looked about right. A lot of careful measuring, cutting and drilling gave a good copy of the original. The anti rattle leaf spring at the top was from steel shim with threaded tubes over the tops of the uprights where they protruded through the grill surround. This alloy angle was from a green house which John and I dismantled years ago for a friend of his, transported back to his land, stored behind his shed and has never moved until recently. I saved a good selection of various sizes. Finally, I just had to give the grill a coat or two of paint, the first item painted, to see what it looked like.
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    Only Chris and I in the horticultural section today. Will there be more tomorrow. ? A selection of photo's as we know you all like photo's, especially Norm. A cutaway Gardner engine. The remains of a Scammell open top Fire Engine. A good weekend project for someone. Mr Showman ? Fire Engine, RED paint. OK, maybe not. An unusual tracked Mobility Scooter. Something else which Norm likes. A kit of parts and the end result. And the last for today. The first tractor which friend John bought years ago. Now in the hands of a MoM member.
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    Here's a few photos i took of the arena display today. The only thing i bought was a couple of galvanised signs for £2.50 each, worth the money i thought
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    Sisis Auto Greenman

    I recently bought an old Sisis Auto Greenman for my gardening business. When I worked for the National Trust many years I used the various Sisis models such as the Sisis Auto Turfman which is the next model up from the Greenman. The Greenman is more suitable for domestic gardens as it will fit through most standard garden gates. I bought mine off EBay a few weeks ago for a very reasonable price. I got a few a customers who will will need their lawns to be aerated due to compaction. My Sisis came with Hollow tines, slitter and spring toned rake. It was a non runner but I soon got it running after draining the stale fuel and put in fresh petrol with a dash of Redex. I also cleaned the plug too. After a few goes it fired into life. I have since ordered an air filter and will change the oil. I have cable tied the loose clutch cable and pressured washed the machine as well as lubricating the chain. Here are some photos of it when it came to me off EBay. I will post up some new photos of it when it's in action.
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    Ariens GT14H Got a New Accessory

    My hundred dollar (and 90.00 shipping) 6KW Onan generator mounted to my Ariens GT14H
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    Where Do They All Come From?

    That's what my wife asks. I told her it would take too long to explain how I got a chainsaw from Ottawa Quebec and Missoula Montana the same day and two ,ore arrive the next day from Fremont New Hampshire and upstate New York. I have three Canadian saws, two made for Homelite by Terry Industries of Pointe Claire Quebec and a Pioneer saw from Peterborough Ontario. The Homelite-Terry XL-76 is a 58cc automatic oiler that is fairly hard to find, but the other Terry saw, the VI Super Mini SL is even harder to find, especially early models like this one with the newly developed chain brake. I acquired a second one year Homelite XL-850 (82cc) a week or two ago without a bar and chain and found a NOS bar and chain cheap. My two recent arrivals are a 1966 Homelite XL-800 another 82cc auto oiler that is extremely difficult to find, and the other one is a HUGE 115cc Homelite 2000-P Automatic with a 28" roller nose bar. I'm looking for a few 54cc XL-100 series auto oiler saws and a couple more 115cc saws, then I might have my Homelite collection wrapped up
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    the showman

    Townings harvest Fair

    Just spent the weekend at Townings Farm. It's more a club working weekend with a 2 hour tractor run Saturday night with a BBQ when we got back. I took the Raider 12 and the 800 with the disc's, plough and my tiller. Got plenty of seat time and very happy with the tiller. Bit disappointing with the amount of public attending but we all had a great time and the rock band played most of the day and I even had a ride in a model T ford. heres a few photos for your enjoyment
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    Anglo Traction

    Mower Deck refurbishment

    Thanks Gents, Felt on occasions that I had to push 'n' motivate myself to finish this job, but now it's done, I glad I persevered with it. Nice day, so I dragged the C-120 out onto the hardstanding and fitted the deck on. Went on ok and I had scrubbed up the old OEM WH Drive Belt that came with the Tractor. Surprising that it only had 2 small cracks in the narrow side of the 'V' considering it was wrapped around the front Axle for about 20 years outside!!!- Anyway, with it all belted up and reasonably tensioned, I Spun it up on Half engine speed to test the Governor and she turned nice and smooth when the PTO was engaged. No nasty noises, but a little belt wobble between PTO n Mule Drive, but then I hadn't tensioned it up to spec- During the next week I'll cut some grass to test it, when it has grown long enough. So I consider this 'Job Done'.........and there's another job waiting to be started on this machine and on the other one. Regards
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    the showman


    Video for your viewing.
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    Adventure in Chainsaw Buying

    I didn't even realize they made a Super XL-12, and I already have a Super XL Auto, but hey I never turn down a vintage saw for cheap. I found these on craigslist and they were on the way from our house in Oklahoma to my Mom's house in Wichita, Kansas. The ad said Maple City Kansas, but the house was miles from any town (Maple City has no stores, no churches, no Post Office, just a cemetery). The people selling the saws worked on a large ranch in Cowley County Kansas, its over 10,000 acres and isn't even one of the big ranches. As a hired hand on a big ranch you get a small stipend and found (trailer on the ranch), upon pulling up to the dilapidated trailer people slowing began pouring out of the front door and dogs of all shapes and sizes came out of shaded areas; with them came eight small hound puppies, three chickens, and four cats. While talking to the guy about the saws, a couple with a baby appeared from a field from God knows where holding a small child. At this point I count nine souls of various ages, shapes and sizes. The owner (father?) and oldest male have shoes, the rest are barefoot. He pulls these two saws from a outdoor cabinet that housed another six to eight Super 2's, XL-2's, and Poulan chainsaws, just junk. He claims he cuts and sells firewood out there, but the land contains approximately 1.9 trees per hectare (maybe a tad more) and none of these trees I would waste time cutting. The two saws had been on craigslist for several months and the owner seem glad and surprised to see me ( just remembering I had my derringer in my boot made me feel good), and we settled on 30 dollars for the two saws. My wife and I loaded the saws in the side door of our custom conversion van with an audience attempting to peer into the strange looking vehicle. We considered stopping by the next town and buying some lice/tick/flea spray, but by the time we got to a sizable town an hour had passed and we had not experienced any itching or crawling feelings. I believe we are safe and happy to be heading home.
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    Decided to have a go at fitting the large plough wheels and the plough...... I have to say its flippin heavy, lifting the machine onto the offset ploughing axle! It's quite a beast once assembled!!!
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    Farmer's Boy Light Tractor and Attachments

    The big moment of truth! Will it all work ok? Course it will! Started 1st pull, drive engages smoothly and no leaks or noises from the gearbox. Here's a short video for you......
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    smart&brown model M

    well, i couldn't wait, so i done a dry fit of the painted parts. looks pretty if you'd ask me
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    the showman

    Newhaven Fort

    Heres a short vid of the band, they were very good.
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    The Fife Plooman

    SVTEC Rally Scone Perthshire

    Hi all here are some pictures of the Horticultural working section at our local rally at Scone Palace grounds it was well attended although I was never out the working area as I was busy assisting some new members with their ploughs great fun last one is my wee dog dog tired after a hard day peace at last
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    The footrests were another item I had a few attempts at before finishing up with something that looked right in comparison with the rest of the build. One pair looked too long and narrow, another try ended up with the fold overs not being deep enough. Fairly quick to mark out and make so not too much hair pulled out. Again, made from the scrap 1mm alloy panels. The first attempts found a use elsewhere after being cut up. How to make the fenders. ? Simply bending up on the brake press wasn't thought viable due to the curves at each end, although I now think it could have been done with a bit of NON press work included. Also the corners would need alloy welding etc. Another possibility was making a plug and moulding in fiber glass. I decided to make these using built up layers of plasticard sheet reinforced with alloy. I already had a good stock of this plasticard. This resulted in very strong fenders. The plastic, welded together with liquid polystyrene cement, was thick enough to sand the curves on ends and sides. The alloy inserts were a very tight fit after making a few short trial sections to get the bends in the correct place. Also bolted at the corners although they wouldn't come out easily. The top of each footrest slides into the slot at the front of the fenders and will be bolted in place when finished.
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    Todays little job was to reassemble the gearbox....... The sprockets, shafts and chains went back where they should be and it all works nicely!
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    Where Do They All Come From?

    Thanks, I have a chainsaw project waiting as we speak in the form of a large Maple tree the tornado knocked down, just beside our home. I'm waiting for it to dry a little and the weather to cool. I'll have those shelves filled before long, lol
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    Where Do They All Come From?

    My friend has some old Homelite saws and I know one of them is #1 real old #2 it's big. I even want to say it has a 36" bar and it screams when it wants to run. Another thing he has is a hydraulic driven two man chainsaw . I think it's a Von Ruden . It's all self contained as one unit . There's a pump that hooks up to a pto and tank that sits on the ground or mounted. Two hoses go to the saw . The teeth on the saw if I remember correctly are like a 1/2" wide and the bar is 48" . Definitely something you'd not want to getaway from you . I found a blurry pic of one in use and a smaller saw with tank pictured .
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    A few more photos. That's all Folks, I thought I'd taken more than this.
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    I think the next part I attempted was the dash assembly. Two 3/16" thick alloy panels were cut for the front and rear with a bent up alloy spacer pop riveted on. When first looking at photo's I had thought that both front and rear had an apex on the top surface. It was only after I had build number one well on the way that my man with the camera, tape and notebook, Iain, pointed out my mistake. I made three or four alterations, gradually reducing the front apex and leveling off the rear before it looked about right. These photo's are before any alterations. The outer shell was originally bent so that it finished on the underside and left oversize back and front for trimming later. The first attempt also looked too long when viewed from the side. This photo shows the top rear looking more like it should be. There were a lot of alterations and head scratching before the final result which included brackets bent up to hold front, rear and outer shell together. Also a strong mount for the steering column bush and cross beams for mounting to the upper side panels. Lots of assorted BA nuts and bolts were used which resulted in a very strong assembly. The brackets set at an angle on the front face are for the spring loaded hood locking catches, more of these later. The Steering column bush is a 1/2" socket cap screw drilled 5/16". I drilled two of these, the second for the steering wheel. This will also be described later.
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    Friends Of Ferguson Heritage at Peepy Farm Stocksfield Northumberland great working weekend weather brilliant sunshine on Saturday overcast on Sunday but dry very hard for working Rollo-Man and Callander-Plowman came south and I think they enjoyed themselves as well as three from Yorkshire with hand ploughs myself trying out my new rotavator here are a few pics
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    After the grill and surround was mounted it was thought that additional support would be a good idea. Various ways were thought up and discarded. Some being too unsightly, others not rigid enough. The method finally settled on was simple and strong. Two brackets were bent up which were bolted to the front face of the engine cover and to the underside of the grill surround. 4BA nuts and bolts were used making sure that the holes drilled in the cover were clear of the fuel tank underside and internal deflectors. These photo's are out of focus but show the set up. The headlamp surround was bent up around a shaped wood former. I don't appear to have photo's of this. The full size was welded to the grill surround but bolted on the model, again using 4BA nuts and bolts. These can just be seen on the grill photo above.
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    the showman

    7-1252 tiller

    Drive belt arrived this morning so I finished off the idler and fitted the belt. Started the engine and engaged the pto and everything seems to work ok, will give it a good test at Townings over the weekend but so far looking good. Thanks to Bearingboys for their help in supplying the belt, if it helps anyone with a tiller the belt is 1/2" x 140" A138 V 140391 and cost £17.60 with post and vat ( and its a Dunlop belt ).
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    Wheel Horse SD Deck

    Been painting the underneath. Two coats of red oxide. I'd been given a couple of cans of Tetrosyl stone chip a while back. So I decided to use that. Three coats and it's begining to look better.
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    Anglo Traction

    Mower Deck refurbishment

    Owning a Lathe is an awesome addition to a workshop, well worth the investment. Mower Deck lift 'T' Bar permanently fitted now and the old repaired Lift Rod will be replaced with chain later. New Trunnions have taken out the wear slack and are now smooth and snug- So after 3 Shredded Wheat, I managed to get the Deck down on the Deck and propped for the ceremonial fitting of the Blades and torquing up to 65 ft lbs- Now ready to fit. Weather beat me this morning and too wet to play around with fitting it for a trial spin up.
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    One of the few pieces of metal which was not found as scrap was the grill and headlamp surround. Nothing of suitable thickness to hand but the Showman came to the rescue and obtained some cut to width alloy from a contact of his. Thanks Chris. A jig was made up from a thick sheet of board and coach bolts. Allowance was made when fitting these bolts for the thickness of the metal, either side and top and bottom, so that the correct outside width and height was obtained. The alloy strip was clamped to the bolts and bent around in stages. Two of the lower bolts not yet fitted in the photo's. The front chassis cross member was made up from various metal and alloy pieces all bolted together and in turn to the chassis. As the front mounting bolts of the grill passed into a box section with no way of fitting nuts, a length of 1/4" stud was used instead which passed through the total width of the chassis leaving enough either side for nuts and washers. Cannot find photo's of this assembly at this stage.
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    Day 2 photo's. An extra tractor turned up to join the horticultural line up. Another Bolens. Hoods up, have they broken down or are they just comparing old age problems. And the last few, more bikes and trikes for Norm.
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    Rejuvenating an old rusty Spade

    A few days ago I went to the local tip to depose of some rubbish when I came across this old Spade and an old grease gun. You never know what you will find in the recycling 'shop'. One man's junk is another man's treasure as the saying goes. Anyway, I paid a quid for both these items. The Spade was made by Skelton a Yorkshire firm and I am guessing it is 1950s or 1960s from the style. I treated it to some woodworm treatment to kill any lingering pests in the wood. I then wire brushed the rust and the crap off the blade, followed by a medium sandpaper finishing with a fine grade sandpaper I wiped it cleaned with white spirit to remove the dirt and dust a few times. I then concentrated on the wooden shaft which I think is ash agiain using a medium to fine sandpaper. I cleaned it off using white spirit. I used boiled linseed oil on the wood several times which bought the grains out and on the metal I used an old oily rag to preserve the metal. I am pleased with the results of my labour and this will be a working tool; not bad for 80p! The grease gun is a telcalmite hand grease gun bought for 20p which I quickly cleaned up and filled with Casttol LM grease. I tested it out on my Bolens 1050 and it works just fine.
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    1978 Westwood

    Hi all, and of course Westwood fans that may be interested... I have bought a 1978 W8 Westwood gazelle 'pale face', starts on the key. 8 horsepower, column gear change. I have recently replaced points and condenser which seemed to of solved the problem, as before when the mower ran for a few minutes the engine used to cut out. I have also replaced air filter for the first time in 39 long years! 😂 I have also given the engine numerous amounts of oil changes as when I bought the mower last year there was lots of residue like sludge left in the oil. After all the work, engine starts and runs lovely. ☺ About a month ago... I was cutting grass and tried using the clutch and the clutch wouldn't stop the machine!!! So had to shut off the machine before I nearly collided. 😂😨 Only to find the drive belt had slipped off the pulley. This has made me by a new drive belt with two new pulleys. The pulleys arrived but wasn't convinced they were the right size, so I sent them back. Kept the drive belt. Unfortunately I am having troubles with finding the right size pulleys for the mower. If anyone has a pair of unused original metal Westwood Gazelle pulleys for sale, or know where to find some. Please tell me. Thanks. Here's some pics of my Westwood last year.
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    Happy birthday Joseph

    Thanks guys I am having a great birthday with some fab presents My birthday cake was a large chocolate cake made by Mum and my sister. Joseph
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    Have a seat.

    Take one cast iron Barfords implement seat and a disused pedestal of a bird bath, what do you get?
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    Have a seat.

    Not wobbly and not nailed. Philistine!
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    Anglo Traction

    Big Old Door

    Me too . Stripping the old surface off is my favourite part, especially when there are crevices and formed beadings to clean off. Not a commonly known, or used process, but I've used broken glass for over 30 years to clean off old finishes. You need to find the pieces with the correct gentle convex curve edge, but it is so fast. I stripped over 40 feet of 50 year old Mahogany Bannister Rail of wax in about 4 hours ready for stain and varnish. Usual care need's to be adopted of course and is an art in it'self to obtain the correct angle.
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    Big Old Door

    Nice work you are doing. I love working with wood especially rejuvenating old wooden furniture.
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    A nice chilled day spent at this delightful private railway in East Kent, we took along some of our Jalo collection Here's some photos...
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    Townings farm working weekend this weekend, always a good turnout . Organised by SEVAC vintage tractor club, lots of seat time with the Wheelhorse. report and photos coming Monday
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