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  1. Nigel, There's a powder coating. Of course, everything is sandblasted beforehand.
  2. First walk, still without engine. The armchair will also be refurbished
  3. The paint was very good, in some places it didn't want to go down when sandblasting. Overall, the 37-year-old condition was well preserved, perhaps thanks to the user. I love these tractors, I use newer Countax on a daily basis, but the older Westwoods are great.
  4. Thanks all. Listen, guys. This is your British product and it's supposed to look like your factory made it. It's supposed to be original :)
  5. All the stickers in place, I'm waiting for a painted engine.
  6. The whole consists of two parts. The first part is secured to the engine by a small screw, and the second part is screwed to the tractor by the muffler. Both are inserted one into the other and fastened with a clamp. This can be easily removed.
  7. Slowly, slowly forward. Now there will be mounting the gearbox and engine
  8. Thanks We'll see how it goes.
  9. First elements came back from the paint shop. I'm waiting for the rest and start folding.
  10. I have a W8 from 1983 (undergoing renovation). There is a 28" deck there and it was like that from the beginning.
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