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  1. Slowly, slowly forward. Now there will be mounting the gearbox and engine
  2. Thanks We'll see how it goes.
  3. First elements came back from the paint shop. I'm waiting for the rest and start folding.
  4. I have a W8 from 1983 (undergoing renovation). There is a 28" deck there and it was like that from the beginning.
  5. Hi, in my topic ( Westwood W8 (1983) "Baby" - restoration) I've completed the information about colours. I have information about RAL numbers from Westwood (Ariens). They had difficulty with 7021, because they were not sure. But in the end it's this number that matches the original. So 2002 and 7021 are the current equivalents of colours from years of production.
  6. I have information that may be useful to others. The correct colour is RAL2002 confirmed in the company and all the rest is not black, but RAL 7021
  7. Are you sure? Yeah, I like it, but it's more red underneath. What about the rest ? Graphite or black or...
  8. Of course, but I want to know what the original number is. Or maybe it could be useful to others.
  9. Happy New Year from Poland for all
  10. Who knows what RAL number the early Westwoods like mine had? Everyone writes "Westwood orange" but it's more red in the original, although I like orange more. The rest is graphite, not black, and everybody writes - black. What is it like with the original colors (RAL), anyone knows ?
  11. I guessed it was spam. It's all right Tomas
  12. Hi. I sent it on 2019-12-09 09:57:25 Maybe it was spamming? Tomas
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