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  1. Stihl Cutquik TS 08

    I'd say go for it, before they become extinct. All the bits are still available and cheap if you go for non genuine or purchase an old chainsaw.
  2. After looking for one of these early disc cutters for ages Ive finally purchased this one the other night off ebay. These were basically the early version of stihls infamous Ts 350, a machine that I used to do a lot with about 15 years, but even then these Ts 08's were just old junk. Today it arrived and after unpacking it I was able to see what I had bought. I believe it dates from around the mid to late 1960's.
  3. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Just work methodically, with G206 I started with the gearbox as I knew it was almost terminal, (over £300 spent just on the berrings) then slowly did the rest of it. Took about 6 months of before and after work about 3 days a week. I never did find out why the engine was seized. Took it totally apart and couldn't see any issues, then after reassembly it started fine, - must of been some dirt or something in one of the berrings?
  4. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Here's some photos from when I timed up g206 the only difference is that it's a bth mag.
  5. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Here's a couple of shots I've found
  6. It did look awesome in the flesh, particularly with all the different attachments. Good luck with building the trailer. First place very well deserved.
  7. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Hi pat, I've put all the info in a pm.
  8. As this is only a couple of weeks away now, I was just wondering who else is attending? I know Paul and Darren are. due to a change in circumstances this will probably be the last show that I am able to attend for a couple of years so am taking a cabstar full of Howard's. Make sure you bring your sunglasses, lol , as it's going to be very orange!
  9. Newbury tractor world

    Here they all are with Darren's.
  10. Newbury tractor world

    That'll have to come once I've done one, 20 year gaps will have to do for the next year or two.
  11. Newbury tractor world

    And heres the 4th machine. The idea is to show how little the design of the Gem changed over the years by having an example from the 1940's, 1960's and 1980's.
  12. Newbury tractor world

    It's always the same, you leave a couple of gems together and they breed, lol.
  13. Newbury tractor world

    3 out of my 4 machines ready for this show.
  14. Happy Birthday Stormin!

    Have a good un.
  15. Dowdeswell 650

    I think you must be mixing me up, lol., im Gareth. Ive got to admit whereas the Dowdeswell engine is less cluttered the bonnet on the Sachs has grown on me. (Probably because ive seen it every day in the workshop since January). I don't think the lack of fuel tank on the frame looks right on the 650,Guess its just what you get used to?
  16. One of the reasons that work on my Sachs Gem has been slow recently is that I have dug this 650 out. As a lot of you may know in 1985 Howard went into receivership and Dowdeswell purchased the design rights to The Gem. In 1986 production started back up with a few small changes. As ive got G206 ( I still haven't yet managed to turn up a Gem with a lower serial number) I thought that they would look good side by side to show how little the design changed over 50 odd years. I spotted this example on good old ebay. It looked in quite a sorry state but after having the factory records checked it showed up that this very machine was Dowdeswells exhibition model on their stand at The Windsor show in 1987-Does anyone have any photos from this year please? It is also quite likely but I don't have definite proof that it was also featured in the one sales Brochure and Dowdeswell's magazine called Tillage.
  17. Dowdeswell 650

    Just realised that I haven't updated this project in a while. With Tractorworld only a week away, heres where it stands at present. Just a bit of touching up todo with a few minor adjustments.
  18. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    From memory in 99% sure the same engine is used in the applied 414 pedestrian sweepers (Green machine), which can often be picked up for no money at ex council sales. May be easier to get a head from one of those?
  19. It's a ford, what do you expect. Best thing I ever did was to get rid of mine. Lol. In all seriousness though, that machine looks awesome. I'd be very surprised if you don't get first place at Newbury. You certainly deserve it with all the time and work you've put into this.
  20. Free briggs 400 cc engine. Running.

    Ah well if no takers I'll have to weigh it in, got to make some space ASAP.
  21. After selling my car sold as seen and tested, on eBay and now getting taken to court after the buyer blew it up I'm never using the auction site again. Therefore I've got the remains of this mower that I need out of the way. It was running when purchased, all I've done is to cut the rear end off as I needed the gearbox. The rest of it is there( no battery or deck as both were scrap) free for collection from Hereford. It says 400cc on it which I believe is 11hp. Hopefully somebody has got a use for it?
  22. Mower Deck refurbishment

    If it's something that going to be used I'm often tempted to use tetroseal underseal, on out of sight bits. It's a lot less sticky than waxoyl underseal
  23. Wiston Steam Rally

    I allways really liked the look of mk 1 transits however after that bl**dy Ford Focus that I had the misfortune of buying I will never own anything with a blue oval again! Pity the show is so far away as it looks a really good one. Some great pictures.
  24. Thank you Richard. It's machines like yours and many others on here that inspire me to do mine. You're certainly right about the aches and pains, my health in terms of my joints is deteriating to the point I'm not sure how many more of these gems I can undertake, plus I'm seriously running out of room. After this and the Dowdeswell is finished, I think I'm going to have a break from them. My next project is going to be finishing off a toylander that is half done, never one to do it the easy way I'm converting this one to Honda power rather than the usually used invalidity scooters. A GX 200 will just fit under the bonnet with a cut out in the under tray and the bulkhead. The power will then be transferred via a centifrugal clutch to a ride on mower gearbox. To take the extra weight there's going to have to be a box section chassis squeezed in as well. I did toy with idea of 4x4 like the real thing but have ruled it out on space and cost grounds. At least with it I can do most the work in the warm living room rather than outside during the winter in the cold.
  25. This is my new project, a Sachs Diesel Howard Gem. I wasn't going to do anymore Gems for a while, however through my Website I was offered this one totally free of charge, and whats more its a runner! I've decided to restore this one on a limited budget, - ideally under £100,as in the past I've tended to get carried away with my machines, I think Keri would have a fit if she saw what I spent on G206. It arrived in my yard today, upuntil then I hadn't even seen it. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. If it hadn't already been repainted, I may of left it as it was.
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