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  1. Hayter Osprey

    Many thanks again for all your help and your reply I hope it will also help other people in the future
  2. Hayter Osprey

    Many thanks but I couldn't have done it without the help of the many contributors on this site especially Wristpin
  3. Hayter Osprey

    Hiya, I didn't lose the post but strange things were definitely happening as I also had to reset my password last night. I do agree though its a long but brilliant thread and you have been an Absolute Superstar and I would like to send you a little something to say Thank you for all your help or make a donation to this site if you prefer. In the meantime GOOD NEWS I re-checked through everything this morning and I think the problem was with the stop wire holder on the throttle body as I mentioned it is a little worn. I disconnected the wire and checked and found that I had spark again. So I cleaned up the holder, refitted the wire and made sure the holder was snug after refitting and so far it has started everytime on 6 seperate occassions. I had already cleaned out the carb earlier so I didn't think it was that but it is something I would like to overhaul in the future. I am know going to add a smalll video (hope the site takes it) so you can see and hear for yourself. Here goes!!! Sadly File too big even though I have zipped it Here is a photo of it running you can see the flywheel is not stationery. Happy to email the Video though!!!
  4. Hayter Osprey

    I am not sure what happened to my other post last night as it seems to have disappeared so I am having to rewrite everything again but in word 1st just to be safe!! Plus I couldn’t load photos maybe the site rolled back??? Anyway, Firstly I thought that that on the old coil that the wire with the ring connector on the left which was mounted on the post body via the coil securing bolt was Earth. Secondly I thought that the wire on the right was possibly Positive and providing power to the condenser and points. Then the other wire that that comes out from under the flywheel (wherever that’s connected to) goes directly to the stop switch. Please forgive me and yes I agree I am a bit thick at times LOL!!! So now I have cut off the right hand wire on the old coil which is what I thought was Positive and needing to be connected to the new Magnetron Coil. I realise now that since Wristpin has clarified this for me that this is not the case and I have removed the old coil. So on that note I think I have clarified my previous reply and don’t need to add anything further (I Hope LOL!!). Well now onto the good news/bad news, I fitted the new coil as per instructions, set the timing up, connected the stop wire to the stop wire switch and low and behold I got a spark. Then I lost the spark I rechecked everything again 3 times over and got a spark which I captured on film which isn’t very exciting and I am not sure if I can post it up but happy to provide a copy if anyone wants one. So at this point I had 4 or 5 consistent pulls with a spark so I refitted the plug. Put in some fresh fuel and tried starting it, After a few wrist breaking pulls it fired into life I then moved the throttle from full choke to run and it then died and I have lost spark again. So now I am going to recheck everything again as I am not sure why I keep losing spark. Yippee photos have loaded, Middle pic is Timing being set up and the last is of the stop wire connector block on the throttle plate which is a bit of brass and plastic and not very good
  5. Hayter Osprey

    Sorry for confusing matters as I had in my head that there was a positive wire that I needed to make a connection to I will comeback to this point later as I think it is very important but I have some news that I want to share
  6. Hayter Osprey

    Not to worry and many thanks for trying. Looks like I am going to have to get the wire cutters out of the tool box tomorrow LOL!!!
  7. Hayter Osprey

    Many thanks for the help and look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully I can this done tomorrow and see if it will fire up!!!
  8. Hayter Osprey

    Many thanks for the reply. In the box there is a set of instructions which reads as follows: (I hope I have received the right part) The stop switch assembly has 2 wires. 1 with a ring terminal and 1 with no terminal. Connect the spade terminal to the spade terminal on the armature. Select the appropriate wire for the type of stop terminal the engine uses. Cut off the remaining wire and discard. Tape the end of the wire with electrical tape. So what I have done so far is connected the spade to spade on the new coil. I was hoping that I could just connect the the ring wire on the new coil to the body of the machine which mirrors the old one. But I still have to cut the wire that is currently connected to the old coil as I don't think I can disconnect it without trying to give it a good Yank and hoping for the best or remove the flywheel which I am trying to avoid. And as you say I may have to connect this wire to the new coil. I just hope that the other end of the connection is ok.
  9. Hayter Osprey

    Finally got my part today as I was told it was out of stock for a while!! Anyway here is a photo of the part and I have removed the old one except for the wire going under the flywheel as I am not sure if I cut this completely off or do I have to attach it the new wire I have been supplied? I presume I just cut it off but I thought I had better check first, Just a quick note to Nigel thanks for the great photos your machine looks fantastic
  10. Hayter Osprey

    Thanks again for your guidance I have now ordered the part which should be here next week. Once I have got it I will follow your advice and fit it and hopefully get it running. I will post some photos and report on how I get on later.
  11. Hayter Osprey

    Many thanks for the advice I will follow your lead and do the same.Did you have to set up the feeler gauge gap up to the same point? or just do it by eye?
  12. Hayter Osprey

    Actually found some time today to try and locate a replacement coil a magnitron variant and after contacting B&S this is what they suugeested The original coil is http://www.briggsandstrattonparts.co.uk/briggs-and-stratton-armature-magneto-298968 and the Magnitron Version they recommend is this http://www.briggsandstrattonparts.co.uk/briggs-and-stratton-armature-magneto-398811 Before I order it Has anyone fitted one of these? and are they difficult to set up? The engine details are Model 170702, Type 5638-01, Code 80082211 Many thanks
  13. Hayter Osprey

    I have now removed the air filter assembly and gave the carburettor a bit of a clean up. I think I found the kill wire? (see photos) and it sits under the coil. Presumably I need to remove the coil to access further but I cannot see any breaks in the wire. But I like the idea of the BS Magnetron coil rather than having to remove the flywheel. I am going to check the BS page for testing. as mot sure how this kill switch works. I thought the engine once running was shut down via the fuel valve?
  14. Hayter Osprey

    Just a quick update as I managed a quick look at the Hayter yesterday and I couldn't see a kill switch let alone points LOL!! On the handlebar there is only the clutch cable release handle and the govenor speed controller. Which shows choke slow and fast speed setting. I will take another look later today and clean up around the carb and maybe I will see a bit more
  15. Hayter Osprey

    Thank you for the information and yes it has an original rubber plug cap I will check the kill switch and the kill wire once I have cleaned it up a bit, but I like the idea of the coil update as it seems to save of hassle in the future. I will update the post once I have had a go at it
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