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  1. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Hi! Sorry, been offline for a bit. You are correct that all my decks are SD. I will be checking out the links and downloading this evening. Thank you so very much for all the information and assistance! I will post some pics soon! Regards, WSJ
  2. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Wonderful! I have a 48" on a '73 16 Automatic (my Dad's original), a 48" on a '77 C160 Automatic (Dad's 3rd) and a 52" on a '99 518XI (my first!). Love them all! The '73 is awaiting a complete go over since it has been at my brothers sitting for about 10yrs or so but still looks very good! I just got an older 60" deck from a 90 or so 520 so I am doing a remount of the deck attachment from my 52" to it. Need to use it at my new place that has 3 acres. The 52" is awaiting rust repair and spindle repair so since the 60" is in such great shape I need to do the switch. I'm learning to weld now, haha!
  3. Mower Deck refurbishment

    WOW! I am so amazed at all the work and sweat you put into it! I am keeping my 3 tractors and decks going w/ lots of bubble gum and spit here in Ohio! I could use a good diagram for the older spindles w/keys to make sure mine are correct (I think they are not) if anyone has a link or pic. Again, WOW!
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