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  1. i was looking at some you tube vids and a few of the lads on there bolted a piece of railway track to a heavy piece of wood till they could get an anvil
  2. as my old grandad used to say "SPIT on it lad" it will be right by morning he he he
  3. it sure is a shame to scrap them though
  4. bubbalove

    w/h c161

    thanks chaps only reason i said 3000rpm is if ive got my calculations right at 3000rpm i will defiantly be running the pump at a higher rpm full revs
  5. bubbalove

    w/h c161

    am i right in thinking when engine revs flat out it should be going 3600 rpm ???
  6. bubbalove

    w/h c161

    hi chaps wondered if you could help me w/h c161 16 hp kohler with the engine running and the pto clutch engaged what would the rpm of the drive pulley be lets say half revs im trying to work out the pulley size if i was to run a hydraulic pump at say 3000 rpm
  8. hi guys been rotovating tonight and my wh rotavator keeps stalling even when I have it just tickling the soil my first thought was to tighten the clutch but the adjusting screw if full hard on can you get replacement clutch plates do I need to get re lined if so any info on relining would be great thanks in advance just to make it clear it was the clutch plate stalling not just the belt
  9. just had a look and I think there 1975 models
  10. bubbalove


  11. there both commando 800s 8hp kohler engines not sure of the year the serial nos are 145932 and 145494 model nos the same 1-0141
  12. managed to pick these up yesterday so thats 2 more not on the scrap heap cleaned the fuel tanks out of old petrol and new petrol added checked the oil levels charged the battery's cleaned points and plugs 1 of them needed a new coil had a spare and away they go 1 needs a muffler on the exhaust (1 on order of the net) NOW THE BIG QUESTION DO I RESTORE OR LEAVE ORIGINAL ?????????
  13. first time I've managed to get any work done on this but I thought id just put a few pics on so you can see how its going with working long hours and waiting for parts to arrive not a lot been done but here you go
  14. 62 quid wouldnt get you a decent battery i just dont get why these things dont fetch better money
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