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  1. 1966 Bolens 850

    Today I collected a 1966 Bolens 850 after a 20yr rest . The engine is free body and frame are not in bad shape but the square tyres will all need to be replaced . It’s certainly very different to my wheel horse I’m looking forward to putting life back into it .
  2. 1966 Bolens 850

    I’ve just put Carlisle super lugs on the rear of the horse and Duro on the front . I expect it will set me back a little but will be worth it 👍
  3. A Day Dosing

    Well if it’s still about in September once tractorfest is out of the way and the penny pot starts to fill I’ll give you a shout 👍
  4. 1966 Bolens 850

    I’ll keep my eyes open for a new or used exhaust . Tears have split unfortunately so I think it will be a set of 4 . Im umdec on leave as is or paint 🤔
  5. 1966 Bolens 850

    Does it have the wrong air filter/carb set up on it ?
  6. Wheel horse 227-5

    Well my daughter wants to join me at the shows and be more involved so I her grandad treated her to this . It’s an 1988 227-5 with the Kawasaki 540 engine . It’s been parked up in a barn for 3 years . Fresh petrol and a jump start and she runs fairly well . It will be a three way project between me,grandad and my daughter. FECC9D44-CEAE-47AD-A90E-6B8FA2453D25.MOV
  7. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    It’s the brightest red the powder coaters do and they call it Poppy Red .
  8. Well today I’ve started the strip down of the 512 I’ve found a few small problems that I didn’t know about but they are nothing to serious. Headlights and wiring needs more than just connecting, bottom of the bonnet needs tlc the gearbox bolts that support the rear of the bodywork are stripped in the casing with one being snapped. That’s about it at the moment. Next step is to get it all sand blasted to see what the metals like and get off the several coats of brushed on paint .
  9. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    I’m hoping once I’ve got it back together and accumulated a few pennies I can get a deck and some other attachments so as I can work it a bit . Thank you I’m still spotting things now it’s going together that I’m going to change after the show ready for next seasons shows .
  10. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    Thanks Alan 👍
  11. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    A bit more done .
  12. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    I’ve had 127 photos printed off that I took durin strip down so I’m hoping that helps . I’ve got 3 more bits waiting to be painted but I’m going to assemble as much as I can .
  13. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    Bit more done as I’ve just got a load of parts back from the blasters/powder coaters. Also the rear tyres turned up Carlisle 23x10.50-12 .
  14. WH 512D arrived

    Looking good 👍 it’s been kept well looking at the pics .
  15. BOLENS parts and service bulletin manual

    Does this cover the husky 850 ?
  16. Wheelhorse toolbar/rake

    Thank you for the input guys I may have a look at extending the hitch bar as it’s a cool looking little thing to put behind once using the gang mowers .
  17. Wheelhorse toolbar/rake

    Picked this up today and was told it’s for wheelhorse it looks like a toolbar attachment it has a rake on it at the moment . Anyone have any info or know if it is or isn’t wheelhorse?
  18. 1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    What a nice machine and very original .
  19. New Build!!! Ditch Mower

    Looks like it’s doing the job 👍
  20. Wheelhorse toolbar/rake

    That was my thoughts . It is very similar to the toolbars I’ve seen on two wheeled machines.
  21. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Yes I tried speaking to the owner but got no reply . I was very interested in buying it also . I’m pleased it’s gone somewhere it’s going to be appreciated 👍 as soon as I get a chance I’ll send that manual over .
  22. Wheel Horse 512-D

    This is the same as mine . It was made in 1986 for one year and only distributed in Europe the engines a robin Subaru lump I have a manual somewhere I can email over to you . Is this the one that was recently on eBay ?
  23. Steering help please

    Many thanks for the advice and help . The cobalt bits are now my new best friend. The new collar is on its way 👍 tonight when I get in from work I’ll put it in the chest freezer I turned on last night . I’ve ordered the graphite penetrating oil as I was using wd40 . All of the pin is now successfully drilled it was the pin with a bolt bashed into it to spread it out 😡 once I’ve tried the freezing I’ll also try a little heat from the oxy/acetylene. I’ll keep you updated on progress.
  24. Steering help please

    Can anyone tell me does the steering split at this joint or how to get the steering shaft out . I’m hoping it’s not the removal of the steering wheel as that’s not possible 😟 should this be a bolt ?
  25. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Great pictures looks like a great turn out 👍
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