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  1. Fuel Rating

    Thanks lads nice to be back on here. Regards Colin
  2. Fuel Rating

    I ran out of normal petrol for my Mountfield OHV mower. I put in some Premium Grade petrol in it laced with Castrol R40 which I use for my BSA Thunderbolt. What a difference, running slightly faster and pulls like a train. Will it do any damage. Starts better too !!!
  3. Avometer 8 Mark 5

    Got this off one of my customers years ago. Comes with factory leather case and original Operating Instructions. Unable to test as the batteries are dead, comes with leads. Can send by courier mainland UK, Offers !!!
  4. Roybi RSV 3100E leaf blower.

    It's pouring into the combustion chamber at quite a rate. I will get a rebuild kit, they are cheap. Would having the pipes in wrong order let this happen, Thanks.
  5. Roybi RSV 3100E leaf blower.

    I have connected the pipes and primed the system. Petrol is flooding straight into the engine. It is a Walbro Carb. Would it be a diaphragm ?
  6. Hi Lads. looking at a hand held RSV 3100E which was given to me. The fuel lines and primer were present but not fitted as they had gone brittle. I bought a new bulb- primer and pipes, all fitted BUT I can't see which of the two pipes fits which connection on the carb. I have found a few parts list but they don't show the connections. The connections on the bulb and different lengths which indicated the flow. HELP please.
  7. EFCO Back pack blower.

    All serviced and seems well. Thanks.
  8. EFCO Back pack blower.

    Many thanks. Will pull it down and put results on thread.
  9. EFCO Back pack blower.

    Hi just bought one of these, starts ok but lots of dark smoke on starting. Will pull it to bits the weekend, anyone had any major issues with these. Thanks.
  10. Slight Change of Direction

    Thanks Stormin. Got myself a new Border Collie Tri-colour in the end, blinding dog and she can turn the lawn over. Regards Colin.
  11. Hi Lads. Have enjoyed this forum which has helped me rebuild old mowers etc which I bought and sold as a hobby. I have bought a BSA 650 cc Thunderbolt which was in boxes, totally in bits. It belonged to a guy who died in 2012 in Southend. I am going totally restore it and ignore mowers for a while. It might not be pedestrian machine but it will plough a field one day, I hope. Regards to everyone that has helped me. Colin.
  12. I recent visited the ALDI supermarket to buy some bits. I noticed that they were selling aerosols 400 ml in various colours at about £2.50 each. I bought a couple and left them in the garage for a rainy day. This week I used it for a project, it is extremely similar to dark green Hayter and much cheaper. Called Deco Style Metal Spray Paint made in Germany ( High Gloss ), made for ALDI. As the Forum is so quiet I thought I would share this.
  13. There is one on ebay listed recently under Hayter. Working order bidding at £150. Not mine.
  14. Thanks Wristpin, may help others in the future. Regards.
  15. Think I have solved it. Took two wheels off an old Hayterette. The are slightly bigger diameter but the bearing shaft is the same size. They have caged roller bearings with cones and fit well. I don't suppose these new plastic wheels are as strong as the old steel ones, will have to see.
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