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  1. I started on the blades this week check them to see how balanced I had them just need to file some of one of them the other to seem ok VID_20191017_202811.mp4
  2. Just added some videos of where I am at now. Still need to make the blades and attach to motors and more to do on the electronics
  3. VID_20191013_135114.mp4 Added some more of the electrics last week and ran some more tests VID_20191015_205255.mp4 VID_20191015_205255.mp4 VID_20191015_205255.mp4
  4. This is my latest project an RC ride on mower built from scratch
  5. This is my latest project an RC ride on mower built from scratch
  6. Mowerman44


    o&r ohlsson & rice little wonder petrol hedge trimmer restoration
  7. Fully restored little Wonder hedge trimmer my first Ohlsson Rice now I'm hooked 😊 VID_163950426_021851_815.mp4
  8. Just make sure your long pipe the pick up one is connected the right way round I take it there is a primer bulb on the carburettor and not a separate one as they can easily be connected up wrong
  9. As promised I have photos of the Tiny Tor generator Ohlsson Rice it runs and the generator works can be seen on YouTube.
  10. High I am looking for a Ohlsson Rice Mini Mota Drill recoil starter
  11. Mini Mota Drill Ohlsson Rice restoration is well underway I still require a pull starter recoil for this if any one can help! This is now the third machine I have worked on my love of Ohlsson Rice machines started when I acquired a Little Wonder hedge trimmer and I now also have the Tiny Tor generator photos of which I will post soon
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