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  1. Mowerman44


    o&r ohlsson & rice little wonder petrol hedge trimmer restoration
  2. Fully restored little Wonder hedge trimmer my first Ohlsson Rice now I'm hooked 😊 VID_163950426_021851_815.mp4
  3. Just make sure your long pipe the pick up one is connected the right way round I take it there is a primer bulb on the carburettor and not a separate one as they can easily be connected up wrong
  4. As promised I have photos of the Tiny Tor generator Ohlsson Rice it runs and the generator works can be seen on YouTube.
  5. High I am looking for a Ohlsson Rice Mini Mota Drill recoil starter
  6. Mini Mota Drill Ohlsson Rice restoration is well underway I still require a pull starter recoil for this if any one can help! This is now the third machine I have worked on my love of Ohlsson Rice machines started when I acquired a Little Wonder hedge trimmer and I now also have the Tiny Tor generator photos of which I will post soon
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