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  1. I have lost a very small 1/4 drive socket that fits the tiny bolts that hold the coil-pick ups on the engine, can anyone help please. I am after the socket - spanner size. A supplier would be good, thanks.
  2. Is anyone in S/E Essex breaking an early Hayter Rough Cutter. I am after a couple of plastic wheels but will take the whole machine at the right price. Thank you.
  3. In the past I have fitted modern B & S engines on older decks. I have a spare modern B & S 35 Classic engine which looks likes standard mower engine. It was taken from a low hours rotarvator . Will the old Hayterette cutting disc fit on the engine shaft. Hope this makes sense ! thanks.
  4. I am renovating this lovely old saw, it is fitted with a bellows / air pump which blows saw dust away from the cutting area. the bellows have perished and no longer work. Has an anyone managed to source these bellows, thank you.
  5. My Strimmer has heads that should feed the cable when it is tapped on the ground. I keep finding that my 2 mm green wire is fusing together inside the drum As if it is heated up and melted, any ideas please.
  6. This disc cutter starts and runs ok, but will not tick over. Is there an adjustment I can make or is it a carb strip. or something else. Thanks.
  7. Clearing a shed for a widow. Came across a new tin of ROCOL ASP ANTI-SCUFFING PASTE. I work on mowers and British motorcycles. Would I ever need or use this product, not got a clue on this one.
  8. Thought floats were in Amal's and the like ? Thanks.
  9. Hope you all had a nice Christmas considering. Well I dug the old Still BG86C out of the shed. Was running about a year ago and doing it's job. I have put fresh 2 stroke in it and adjusted the plug, cleaned the filter. The primer bulb seems OK. Tried to start it and it is throwing petrol out of the exhaust at a rate of knots. The compression seems OK ? Any ideas please. Thank you.
  10. I can take the burner off of the tank no problem. The wick is dry as a bone obviously, it's just shifting it via the up and down mechanism without causing any more damage. I tried to turn the wheel with pliers, silly me ? Sorry can't do pictures.
  11. Just purchased a new old stock heater, probably about 40 years old, never been fired. It is the sort with the round wick. The mechanism that turns the wick up and down is wrung ( I think ). The wick is far too high, can I have some tips on how to manipulate the wick back down. No fuel has been put in the appliance yet. I appreciate that this is not the right forum, but there is a wealth of information amongst the members. Thank you.
  12. It is one of those newish Macallister mowers, cleaned carb out. Was ok before ? Only about 18 months old.
  13. Not very old at all this mower, yesterday cut a large lawn for someone ( first cut ) . After a couple of quick tea breaks it was an absolute pig to start. The plug was very sooty when I got home and the air filter is spotless, Champion plug. Was using premium petrol as it was all that I had. Any tips please.
  14. Whilst pulling down an old outbuilding at work I found an old hammer in a chest of drawers. Slight surface rust but could clearly read 'Stahwille 10805 Germany'. It has a wooden shaft marked 'Hickory'. Did some research and these are currently still on sale known as a pecking hammer. I sanded it all down and gave the head a coat of Japlac. I polished the head surface and single claw. Hey presto a new hammer that gave me an hours enjoyment in the cave. These are retailing at $104.60 on line. Thought I would share this little story before you discard an old hammer. I will hang mine with the others I don't use that often.
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