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  1. Potash123

    Qualcast Auto Drive ?

    Did exactly what I said above, worked a treat. Will be looking for another one with a broken pulley on ebay £££'s.
  2. Potash123

    Sheep in the shed ?

    Could do, can get pallets FOC from my garden Centre. Could cover them in boarding ( ply ).
  3. Potash123

    Sheep in the shed ?

    I am only posting this on here as I know there are so many farmers on here, please help this once. My good lady friend has 8 Quessant sheep. She bought two covered plastic Pig Pens for them to sleep in. They were located in what is now a muddy area. The Pens have been raised up but the ground is now fine hardcore, not nice to sleep on. She is thinking about spreading wood bark on the floor but worried about it getting in their coats. Can anyone advise on a good product to spread on the ground. Thank you in anticipation.
  4. Potash123

    Elecktra Beckum Pillar Drill ?

    Thanks lads looking forward to lifting it out of the car into the garage. Regards.
  5. Just been given an immaculate old Pillar Drill. Took two of us to put it in the car, so heavy. Never heard of this make before. Are they a quality machine, Model TB 1500 W. Apparently works fine, problem is I can't get it out of the car; too heavy. Thanks.
  6. Potash123

    Qualcast Auto Drive ?

    Found a pulley for another make on ebay, exactly the same dimensions apart from the hole for the roll pin is 2mm difference, simple bit of drilling and a new roll pin should do the job, just hope my belt is the right profile for the pulley. Apart from that a well made mower. Thanks lads.
  7. Potash123

    Qualcast Auto Drive ?

    Pulled the gear box out and the white plastic pulley has fell to bits. I rang the number on the sticker, don't exist anymore. Rang a well known mower shop who are very good. He explained that this range ( SXZ46B-SD ) are Homebase Mowers and subsequently have to get the spares from Homebase, fat chance as I can't find a spares dept on line for them. I have worked on similar gearboxes and I am wondering if any other makes will fit. ? Thanks for reading this.
  8. Potash123

    Qualcast Auto Drive ?

    Many thanks and Merry Christmas.
  9. I have acquired a nice clean Qualcast rotary with auto drive, it is fitted with a 148cc B&S engine, the older one, looks a bit like the classic engine, this model has the side shute. The mower was used to trim the lawns around a weekend Mobile home for a few years. Just serviced the engine and it fired up, second pull and sounds nice. Unfortunately the auto drive would not engage when I pulled the lever. I have now lost daylight and put it away. Is this the rear gearbox style, As I said I have lost light for today and don't get long to play with my toys this time of year. Where do I start tomorrow please, many thanks. Colin.
  10. Potash123

    Plastic Petrol Tank leak.

    Thought about that, worried about going straight through it. Finding another tank will be horrendous and costly. Thanks for reply.
  11. Potash123

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    Got a pump locally £30, all fixed and happy, thank you.
  12. My little push along has a slight leak along the top seam of the plastic petrol tank. It only weeps slightly but I would like to seal it with some form of resin. The plastic has a mottled finish some should grip OK. Any resins recommended to fix this on this spare mower. Thank you.
  13. Potash123

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    Thank you, the pump seems to be under the seat/fuel tank, getting to it is another matter, can't even see it to read the make. Will have another go the weekend.
  14. Potash123

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    Spent a good hour looking for a pump in the UK----- HELP.
  15. Potash123

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    Seems to be 5117H, part number 1743165, shall start looking unless anyone has one. Thanks for replies to date.