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  1. Thanks again Richard. I don't know why they change numbers!.
  2. Thanks for your message Richard - I hope you are keeping well! A friend did suggest that it might be possible to turn an extension of the crankshaft, but he agrees with you that it would be preferable to find another engine and keep this as a last resort. The engine is to go on the Wolsey rotary cutter which has a large centrifugal clutch, most of which sits on that part of the crankshaft which has been removed by the manufacturer of the lawn tractor.
  3. Wanted another engine in good working order to replace a 7HP model number 170702 1156-02 76069741? I have a Briggs & Stratton 7HP engine from a lawn tractor which I was hoping to use, but unfortunately the manufacturer of the tractor shortened the crankshaft and turned down a section at the end where the pulleys fit.
  4. Hi Sean, you will be able to get the springs you require from www.briggsbits.co.uk
  5. Anglo Traction has posted a manual which come up if you search for Hayter 21/Osprey Manual.
  6. Thanks very much for the video link which is very helpful. A friend also suggested this video which wasn't easy to find as nothing came up by searching 'Wolseley' or 'Wolseley Scythe'.
  7. Hi Richard, Sorry I haven't got back to you on your earlier message - I have 'abandoned' the Osprey for the present. A mate found a 'better' mower (which needs some attention) and hence I am seeking information on it. It is a Wolseley Scythe of which there were two models a 23" and a 27" . I have a 27" which has 2 forward gears and a reverse and is built like a tank. Everything seems to be in order apart from the engine. It has a new Carburettor and a good spark, but no compression. The valves look OK and are working so we will have to split the engine to locate the problem. The engine is a Briggs & Stratton, very similar to the Osprey engine, except that it has a large, integral with the pulley, centrifugal clutch beneath the belt pully and we need to remove this first so I am trying to find out how to do this.
  8. Does anyone have any information/Manuals on the Wolseley Scythe please?
  9. Does anyone have a spare Osprey Belt Pulley for Sale or I can swop a Hayter 21 Belt Pulley in exchange if you need one?
  10. Hi Richard, I'll have to try uploading sometime as I have never done it! I'm fine thanks just waiting for the 'old age vaccine' to become available. I actually stumbled across the wheel nuts you were seeking the other day, but I assume you have long since found some.
  11. Hi, There is a manual and parts list for the engine which you can download from the Briggs & Stratton Website. There is also a Hayter user manual and parts list for the remainder of the Machine and, if this is what you are looking for, I could copy it for you.
  12. Rayp

    Hayter 21

    Hi Richard, I hope you are keeping well. I've not had much luck with the 21. Whilst mowing, it suddenly lost compression and now I have dismantled it I can see that the 'big end has shattered. Meanwhile, I have reconditioned an Osprey engine which I intended to replace the broken engine, but when I went to fit it I realised the anchor holes in the Deck were in different positions and although I have an Osprey deck, I made no further progress during the Pandemic. I have turned over the Osprey occasionally with no problem, but when I tried again last week it had seized so another thing to sort out!. I also have an engine from a Mountfield rough cut mower, almost identical to the 21 engine, which I am currently 'servicing' with some parts from the broken engine, the only problem being the end of the Crankshaft is longer, a greater diameter and would need to have a thread cut for the Pulley to be fitted. Luckily I haven't needed the 21 so it is basically on the back-burner until I decide whether I wish to proceed with it.
  13. Rayp

    Hayter 21

    Its really up to you. I have a friend who is an expert mechanic and, if the machine is working, he favours only an oily rag. I do not like to see rusty or oily elements so decide to remove/treat the rust etc. and paint them. However once I remove certain parts I find others that would benefit from the same treatment and invariably end up totally dismantling the machine and repainting it. I find that if I only repaint the 'tinwork' the remainder looks even worse and gives the overall impression of being half a job. I am not endeavouring to reach 'show standard' but just to ensure that I remove or stabilise any corrosion and paint so that I should not have to revisit it.
  14. Hi again Richard, I'm sorry I have searched everywhere for the wheel bolts without success and can only assume that I uncharacteristically threw them away when I installed the new lugs.
  15. Hi Richard, I'll have a look in my spares box as I may have some. I replaced mine with a lug conversion Kit from Red Square, but unfortunately they are awaiting new stock! 7/16"-20 LUG NUT KIT. OUT OF STOCK Take the work out of aligning, holding, and installing your rear wheels with a lug nut conversion kit. NEW, LOWER PRICE. $15.00 PER KIT plus S&H $8.25 Up to 6 kits can be sent in one Priority Mail package for $8.25.
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