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  1. Yes the handle does have a lever to engage the head. Apart from the parts diagram any help with belt fitting etc. is non-existent. I have looked again at the machine (which is very basic under the cover!) and have found a small anchor point and a hole which I now think are the spring anchors. Thanks for your reply.
  2. The belt broke on my wheeled trimmer and having replaced it I am struggling to locate the location for the ends of the return spring (part no. 15 on the attached parts diagram). Can anyone help please?
  3. Very interesting - never seen another!
  4. I think its a nutcracker!
  5. I found the Hydrate 80 worked well removing rust and leaving clean steel. After removing the cleaned parts I washed them in water and dried them immediately with a hot air gun. I did use Electrox and waited the 96 hours before applying a topcoat, but found later that the top coats were easily rubbed a=or chipped-off leaving the Electrox coating intact. In fact, I wrote to Bilt Hamber when the problem first appeared, after I had finished painting the Deck and their reply is below. Needless to say I did not remove the lot and merely treated the affected 'spots'. " Electrox is and organically bound zinc rich coating that does not need to be abraded before over coating. I think the solvents at temperature with low air movement has caused this problem. Flat back and reapply, but the limit of adhesion for the new paint will be that of the flatted enamel you apply to unless you remove the lot."
  6. Thanks Westie - I used IHC (i.e. International Harvester) red, which I got from The Vapormatic Company Ltd at www.vapormatic.com. Following advice I used zinc primer on many parts before realising it did not take the final coat as well as I had expected. I later used etch primer which I got better results from and all cleaned parts were first treated with Hydrate 80 (rust killer and barrier system) to ensure that any rust in crevices, pits etc. was rendered harmless. Regards
  7. A great job and photos. Did you spray or handpaint the engine?
  8. I have finally finished refurbishing my C 160 Automatic and mowing deck. The paintwork is not up to show standard but it shouldn't rust and it is intended to be a 'working tractor'. IU am no engineer and the whole project has bee a steep learning curve for me, having never sprayed or completely dismantled a machine before. If I ever attempt another it should be like shelling peas as I think I must have already encountered 90% of potential problems. I'm still working on the photography/uploading - the last photo should be the first.
  9. My neighbour would have bought the tree and cut it down and taken it away, but it would have been a BIT TOO FAR Away!!!
  10. I'll get back to you as soon as I have had a chance to double check
  11. Hi Richard, I just wondered if you had ever tried deox-c on small rusted parts like the silencer/muffler. I've found it is brilliant for converting rust even inside inaccessible parts and interior seams. Ray
  12. I no longer have the hedgetrimmer, but I do have the leaflet for it and am attaching a copy.
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