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  1. I'll get back to you as soon as I have had a chance to double check
  2. Hi Richard, I just wondered if you had ever tried deox-c on small rusted parts like the silencer/muffler. I've found it is brilliant for converting rust even inside inaccessible parts and interior seams. Ray
  3. I no longer have the hedgetrimmer, but I do have the leaflet for it and am attaching a copy.
  4. Nice machine but how do you reverse it?
  5. Its a great machine in lovely condition.
  6. You should be working on the Space Programme with your miniscule accuracy and attention to detail. The casting looks like new - how did you get it to that standard?
  7. Richard this was really informative and I look forward to seeing the completion of your miracle restoration!
  8. It looks better than when it was new!
  9. HI again,  That's Ok.  How do I pay you?  I assume you live in Brackley near Reading and could you please tell me what times would be convenient to collect it.




  10. Rayp

    Two wheeled trailed seat

    Many thanks for your reply to my post. It may be possible to adapt your trailing seat, but I don't know how it would perform on what is fairly uneven ground having a roller instead of two wheels like the Hater model. How much are you asking for it. Regards Ray
  11. Wanted a two wheeled trailed seat for a Hayter Twenty One. Some time ago I remember seeing that a Forum member had bought one and didn't what what it was for, but I can't remember who it was!
  12. Thanks Richard and Wristpin. I will check the disc and blades as suggested and the transmission gearbox input pulley to see if I do have a two speed machine and will report back in due course.
  13. I have finally reassembled the 21 and Wristpin was right! It no longer slips the clutch, but has only one speed fast!!! After 'running; and hanging on for 3 1/2 hours mowing I will have to try and buy a wheeled seat. The only problem I have with it now is vibration which loosens the nuts on the cover and height adjuster.
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