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  1. Hi Richard, I'm fine and hope you are keeping well. Thank you for your post, armed with which I will revisit the Choke. I think you may well be right that the spring has been in the wrong position for some time and is probably bent so I intend to replace it with a new one. I couldn't figure out how to remove the old spring and discovered by trial and error that the lever pulls out of the 'choke butterfly' enabling the spring to be removed, but it will be fiddly to put it back whilst keeping the spring under tension. Regards
  2. Hi again Wristpin. My Internet is now back up and running and the details are 130902 0226-01 75091910. It would be much appreciated if you are able to post an image.
  3. Thankyou both for your responses. I will post the Model Type and Code numbers after Monday when my Internet is due to be restored. I am using someonelse's Internet at the moment and do not have access to these details.
  4. Can anyone help please by telling me where the Choke Spring attaches on the Briggs & Stratton 5HP engine. It has become detached as can be seen in the photos, but is still attached at the other end and does not appear to be broken. It may seem a simple question but after spending some time trying to find the location, it is still not apparent where it connects..
  5. Good news Nigel!- I happened to spot one on Ebay and it has now arrived and been fitted.
  6. Hello Nigel, The recoil housing is alloy, but the main cowling (the part I need!) is steel. Ray
  7. Hello again Nigel. Thank you very much for hunting out the cowling, but regrettably it doesn't look like it will be a suitable replacement. I have now taken some photos of my Cowling (which I should have done in the first place!) and they are attached. Yours seems to be a differing shape and have the fixings in different positions. You can see in the photos that all 3 fixing holes have 'enlarged' and a crack is appearing above the one next to the throttle clip so I think its days are numbered. I'll have to look out for a scrapped engine from a Hayterette or another 21.
  8. Thanks Nigel - that will be great if you have one. I couldn't believe it when after refuelling I pulled the starting rope and the whole cowling can off. The 3 bolt holes had 'enlargened' so I put some repair washers on, bending the two front ones to fit the curvature of the cowling and managed to almost finish the paddock I was mowing when it came off again. It seems to be a problem with Hayter 21s that even with spring washers bolts need more frequent checking to ensure that the vibration of the engine has not loosed them. Ray
  9. Has anyone got a spare cowling for a 5HP Briggs & Stratton vertical crankshaft engine (like that in the photo). I think the part no. was 392277 and is now 490192?
  10. Can anyone please help in identifying which holes to use for the two 'rods' on the plate shown in the attached photos, where to attach the spring and what attaches to the Governor arm.
  11. I decided to tidy-up my Hayter 21 and am attaching a few photos of the exercise. I decided to use the Handle from an Osprey as I had this to hand and it appears more robust than the 21 handle.
  12. Thank you both. I have now looked again at the Parts Diagrams and can see what I didn't see before, i.e. its part nos. 306 and 307 and yes it's on the 5HP, which is already fitted back on the machine so I am not looking forward to fitting it.
  13. Thanks Nigel, but on which engine and where does it screw to?
  14. I have refurbished two Briggs & Stratton engines, a 5HP one from a Hayter 21, the other 7HP from an Osprey. I am left with this piece (see photos) and am at a loss as to which engine it came from and where on that engine it fits. Can anyone solve the mystery please?
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