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  1. Homelite XL Tool collection

    A C-51 with good paint for it's age and I have a second XL-100 circular saw I'd consider letting go.
  2. Posts go here

    Me either.
  3. Posts go here

    Hi Karl. What's this about?
  4. Chicken Power Bicycle Assist Engine Kit Silver, 1973

    Kohler engine carbs use a rubber tipped float needle seal which looks like it could work as a replacement. Unfortunately I just haven't had the time to try and get one to work.
  5. Tiny Tiger Parts

    I have a flywheel. You're close by so you can pick it up. Are you in Shrewsbury? Just don't have time right now for shipping stuff, just ask Factory! LoL
  6. Octura white heat V boat

    Think you can run those with an air cooled engine too. I have an air cooled gas engine with the White Heat exhaust stack. Came with the Octura engine mount too so it seems to be all original. I'm just missing the boat! Do you have a boat or the plans to build one? Here's a thread for the White Heat
  7. O&R ice auger

    Some more pics would help. Hopefully it wasn't run with the old crusty air filter material still inside the air cleaner. That crap gets sucked into the engine easily. The tank doesn't appear original but that is also a later model unit which was made in the 70's. It appears to be in good condition. You'll see all kinds of prices out there for O&R stuff and they do trend up and down. The older and stranger the piece, the more they are valued by collectors. Personally I'd value it between $150 on the low end and $250 on the higher end but you never know when listing it on ebay. With auction style bidding if someone wants it more than the other guy it can easily go up. If no one is buying it could go down. I might be a bit bias too since I already have ice augers so it's always possible a collector which doesn't have one yet, could be willing to pay more. Shoot me a PM on here if you want to skip listing it for sale and I'll make you an offer.
  8. Carb repair and unknown bracket

    The internal parts of the engine get lubrication from the oil that is mixed into the gas. That engine assembly grease helps hold the pieces together during assembly and pre lubricates them for initial starting. You can use a drop of 2 stroke oil to lube parts if it isn't completely taken apart and cleaned.
  9. Carb repair and unknown bracket

    The "bracket" you removed is the induction section. There's really no need to remove it to get the carb off. They came from the factory with those paper gaskets over the diaphragm. I have replaced many diaphragms without using that paper gasket but now I had a bunch cut when the guy did the diaphragms. Have you looked at this thread for rebuilding an engine? it shows most of the parts and has an engine diagram near the end.
  10. Polaris Power Pole snow thrower

    The one pictured above is just made as a snow blower but Polaris Power Pole did make a version in which the engine could be attached to different attachments. An Ice Auger and an Outboard are the two I know of.
  11. Carb Filter

    Not stupid AT ALL. It squeezes through the hole since the halves do not separate. I roll it up and push it in with a small piece of stiff bent wire. The wire is bent so it doesn't just poke through the foam. Once inside the filter use the other straight end to move it into position. Certainly easier said than done but it's not too difficult to get it in there. The first one is always the toughest.
  12. Unknown applications

    Found one, here you go David
  13. Unknown applications

    Nice detective work!
  14. Aquabug surprise!

    You can probably repair it with fiberglass resin and cloth. Over here it is sold at Automotive parts stores.
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