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  1. Hi,


    Would you have a diaphragm, gasket and ball for sale or know where I can buy them?


    Thanks Ron

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    2. Ron Hicks

      Ron Hicks

      Housing and components unfortunetly.

    3. Wallfish


      It took a while but found one. It's been messed with as someone drilled out the original rivet in the center and replaced it with a nut and bolt. Unfortunately that is way to common but replacing the bolt with small pan head and putting the nut on the inside looks pretty close to factory, especially after painting.

    4. Ron Hicks

      Ron Hicks

      how much do you want for it?

  2. Tiny Tiger gas tank repair

    Nice work on the tank repair and thanks for sharing your experience. One concern might be if it's better to extend the tube with fuel line when using that type of a fuel pick up so it lays down horizontal at the bottom. Not sure, but it seems like it may start sucking air before using the bottom 1/3 of fuel. Hope that's not the case here as those tanks don't hold much fuel as it is. Curious about the "rubber" original pick up. I've never had one of these specific tanks open either but all the others that have been opened used a small metal cone with a screen. Can you post a pic of the old rubber pick up?
  3. Tiny Tiger gas tank repair

    The best sealant type product for sealing gas tanks as it actually holds up to gasoline Never had one of those particular tanks apart either but I'm with David, use heat. Torch, heat gun whatever and maybe use a wooden dowel through the fill neck to push it out.
  4. Montgomery Wards

    That's a real nice find, not too many of those are seen. You will definitely need a new diaphragm. These small engines don't enough vacuum and pressure to pulse a stiff diaphragm. here's a link to another one. The shaft is threaded for attaching a drill chuck. Thought I posted a video of it running to but...
  5. Orline Mustang trouble

    Making sure they go back on the same way they came off is important too. The hole for the carb is different than the hole on the intake, plus the flat sides need to be matched together. Before I had a parts stash with replacement gaskets, a successful technique used to "resurface" them was to squish the gaskets one at a time in a vice between two pieces of FLAT & SMOOTH 1/4 inch thick steel plates.This worked twice. It was only needed because the previous owner installed the gaskets backwards and distorted both sides of them so there was not a flat surface on either side them.
  6. Turbair tot 2s

    Maybe Joe uses his sweater vest to secure his tie while doing yard work. Thanks for posting and sharing those pics. Interesting stuff
  7. Turbair tot 2s

    Ha, how about posting your selfie while you're out weeding around the petunias?
  8. Orline Mustang trouble

    There should be one around here and your close by. That happens more often when the tank is full because fuel can more easily enter the top of the tube inside the tank. Another thing to check on for the lack of fuel is a clogged fuel pick up. Connect a piece of clean fuel line to the tank and try blowing through it. Air should flow fairly easy. If clogged you can try spraying carb cleaner through the tube and let it soak, spray a little more, let it soak and so on.
  9. Turbair tot 2s

    None of the ads or pictures ever show anyone wearing protection
  10. Orline Mustang trouble

    It's been a while but still checking in every chance I get. Just haven't had any time for hobby stuff. David seems to have a handle on answering most of the questions so by the time I check in they're already answered. Your in my area of the world. Whereabouts in MA are you? I might have some caps for you but will need to look around for them.
  11. Orline Mustang trouble

    If it's shutting down quickly after priming then it's not getting fuel or enough fuel. Leaking crank case seals can cause this because there isn't enough vacuum and positive pressure to make the diaphragm push enough fuel. The stiffer the diaphragm is the more pressure it takes to pulse it. This condition can also cause a poor lean running condition. There is a procedure for doing a leak down test near the end of the engine rebuild thread posted by webhead. Leaking carb gaskets could also be an issue. Spray a little carb cleaner on them while it is running, if they are sealed you should hear no change in the rpm. If rpm does change, they're leaking. If you are twisting that carb adjusting needle open quite a few turns and it isn't changing or flooding the engine, it's not getting enough fuel so it could be clogged somewhere or the previous stated conditions.
  12. Homelite XL Tool collection

    A C-51 with good paint for it's age and I have a second XL-100 circular saw I'd consider letting go.
  13. Posts go here

    Me either.
  14. Posts go here

    Hi Karl. What's this about?
  15. Chicken Power Bicycle Assist Engine Kit Silver, 1973

    Kohler engine carbs use a rubber tipped float needle seal which looks like it could work as a replacement. Unfortunately I just haven't had the time to try and get one to work.
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