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  1. Stamped on the cylinder baffle plate is "13B 329" I looked behind the gear box and there is no shaft on that side either and there is no clearance for a shaft or something to attach to the gearbox with that gas tank on it. Our friend that we got it from said he was told that it was a store display unit. The gas tank has no signs of gas ever being in it. I will try to get some other pictures of it maybe tomorrow, to show no shaft and no clearance.
  2. Factory, you are correct about the pump. It is a Kenco Model 61. The yellow engine with the gear box is NOS and it does not have mounting tabs on the base, they seem to have been milled off, and the output shaft is cut off with a plug closing off the hole. Our friend that we got it from said that it was a display unit for salesman to show off. Here is a picture of the output side.
  3. Here is a link to my wife's O&R collection. She also has a Tiny Tiger (not pictured) that is partly disassembled. It all started with the yellow pump (Type 217) that a friend of her grandfather gave me. Jen's O&R Collection
  4. We have a pump just like the one pictured. It is missing the pump impeller. Does anyone know where one could be found? Thanks in advance!!
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