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  1. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and sorry for the late reply. I hope you are all well and I will try to get onto MOM more often
  2. I have not logged onto MOM for a very long time but it looks like I timed it perfectly. Happy birthday Norm, I hope you are well and having a great birthday
  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes Alan and Nigel, I had a very good day. Joseph
  4. A second snow day – The sequel and time to try ploughing snow with the Westwood D1200 and the Bolens 1054. It was good to compare all three tractors
  5. We did not need to wait long to try out our replica Bolens HT snow plough. It was a lot of fun and worked very well.
  6. Our project to make a replica Bolens HT snow plough finished last week but it was a long session and we did not have the chance to talk about the project. In this video we talk about the project, the challenging parts and the bits we enjoyed most and what we would like to do next. This project would not have been possible without help from some great people. Thanks Chris Stoneman for letting us copy his blade, Rick (Bolens parts supplier) for supplying a hydraulic cylinder and Mark Smith (Restorationdecals.co.uk) for making and supplying the decals.
  7. In this session we finish the project and we are very pleased with the way it turned out. All the parts are painted, everything is assembled and we gave it a quick test.It was a bit rushed and we were being very careful not to damage the paint, so we will do an overview of the project next weekend. We are now waiting for some snow! Thanks to Mark at restorationdecals for the decals
  8. Very busy day today on the Bolens large frame snow plough replica as the aim was to get all the remaining parts made and all the existing parts repaired and cleaned ready for paint
  9. Some more progress on the Bolens HT snow plough replica. In this video we start the repairs to the blade
  10. A bit more progress on the snow plough. In this video we finish making the clevis forks and get the hydraulic cylinder cleaned up and painted with primer. I was very pleased with how the clevis forks turned out.
  11. Further progress on the Bolens HT snow plough replica despite the workshop feeling like it is 10 degrees colder than outside and the outside temperature is at freezing point. The workshop soon warmed up or we got the hang of the temperature. We finished work on the swivel, started making the clevis forks and finished the main frame. Video of progress
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! Hoping for a better year in 2021
  13. We have put together a quick Christmas video. Merry Chrismas everyone and we hope to see you in 2021
  14. We have a space heater but I think dad hides the fuel It would be great to have a wood burner in the workshop
  15. A bit more done on the snow plough. This time we worked on the blade swivel bracket. We already had a swivel bracket from a different tractor which needed to be modified. A lot of work went into modifing this and it might have been easier to make one from scratch
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