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  1. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    We finished the last job on the G14 ready to try running it. It took ages for the new belts to arrive so to fit them we had to dismantle some parts again. Dad made sure he was well hidden this time
  2. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    We have done some more work on the G14 and it is getting close to trying it
  3. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    We have done a bit more on the G14 and it is good to see it starting to go back together
  4. They look great, you have done a fantastic job on them both.
  5. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    A little more progress on the G14, hopefully we will have a bit more time soon
  6. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    Progress is still very slow due to other commitments and may be even slower for a while as my cameraman now has flu. We have the clutch and driveshaft out of the tractor and found the problem, details in the latest video
  7. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    We are making some progress on finding the problem, latest update
  8. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    In 2009 I was 2 year old. I don't remember ever seeing it running RAM's are great tractors. Hopefully an update on the G14 tonight
  9. Me too and the Estate Keeper and the D-series and ...
  10. Hopefully we will manage to get some our tractors down to RPT this year and it will be fantastic to catch up with everyone.
  11. Joseph

    1975 Bolens G14

    We are currently waiting for the delivery of some parts for our G10 project so we decided to get another tractor out of storage. I think we picked the wrong one as it took us two days of moving around to get to it. This G14 was last used in 2009 when it was our main grass cutting tractor. The transmission locked up and it was put in storage for a little while, which turned out to be 10 years.
  12. Some of you guys may remember the Bolens stash that we acquired about 2-1/2 years. The tractor that appeared to be in the best condition was a blue painted Bolens 1054 which looking like it needs very little to get working. We got that assesment wrong as it has taken us a long time and lots of new and replacement parts to get it running. We still have a few more jobs to do but we would like to use it a bit first and see what other problems appear. Video of some of the work and the test drive Alan, please pass on our regards to John and he may enjoy the video
  13. Joseph

    1973 Bolens G10

    We got our 1973 Bolens G10 out of storage to check it over and see what parts it needs. We bought this tractor as a non-runner 18 months ago and so far we have not done anything with it. A previous owner has modified it to take a Westwood blade. It must be an early one as the serial number is very low. A quick video introduction
  14. We have just completed a LED light upgrade on our Bolens HT20 using sealed units similar to the originals, it makes a huge difference. We created a video of the project
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