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  1. Joseph

    Happy Birthday pmackellow.

    Happy birthday Best wishes Joseph
  2. Joseph

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    Happy birthday Alain. I hope you had a good day with lots of cool gifts
  3. Joseph

    Happy Birthday slf-uk.

    Happy birthday dad! Hope you had a great day
  4. Joseph

    Happy Birthday Stormin

    Happy birthday Norm! I hope you are enjoying your day with lots of cool gifts
  5. Joseph

    Happy Birthday harryt.

    Happy birthday Harry, I hope you get lots of presents and have a good day
  6. Joseph

    1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    Thanks, we will give it a try.
  7. Joseph

    Happy Birthday Doug C

    Happy birthday Doug, I hope you have a good day
  8. Joseph

    Happy Birthday Joseph.

    Thanks Alain. I believe the socket set is a Halfords Advanced which comes with a lifetime guarantee. This will not be something you will of heard of and it is not Snap-on quality but they have a good reputation. It is a combined metric and A/F set with 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 drive.
  9. Joseph

    Happy Birthday Joseph.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a great day other than going to school. I got lots of lovely presents including a nice socket set from mum and dad. Alan, no dad has not started on my half-a-horse yet and he thanks you for suggesting it Andrew, this was my cake before dad started on it Joseph
  10. Thanks for the pictures Andrew, it looks like you had a great day
  11. Joseph

    Bolens Ride-a-matic

    Yesterday Dad was working on the 1054 engine so I did some maintenance and cleaning on the 1962 Ride-a-matic. It cleans up well.
  12. Joseph

    Fun in the snow

    Thanks Ewan but yours looks so much better than the one we made Thanks Alan. The bit I forgot to mention was that we ended up with puncture on one of the front tyres. I don't think the tyre had ever been off and the repair was not easy. Putting the tyre back on the rim the tyre lever slipped off the rim and smashed dad in the face. His face ended up the same colour as the tractor The tractor has done well but now needs a carb rebuild and a few other jobs doing to it and is waiting for it's turn in the workshop. Joseph
  13. Joseph

    Fun in the snow

    We finally got around to making a video of the fun we had clearing snow back in March. Joseph
  14. Joseph

    Busy day with our 1972 Bolens 1054

    Thanks guys. We found enough wood for another trailer load today
  15. Yesterday we had a very busy day moving and cutting up firewood using our 1972 Bolens 1054. Our firewood pile is over 10 foot high in places hence the hard hat. We made a video of the fun