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  1. We finally had a dry and sunny day, so we decided to get most of our running Bolens tractors out for a run. This is our celebration of 100 years of Bolens.
  2. Joseph

    1962 Bolens 600

    We did a little more on the 1962 Bolens 600. The head was removed and repairs done to the valves. Video update
  3. Cool project, I would love to find one
  4. Joseph

    1962 Bolens 600

    A bit more progress on the 1962 Bolens 600. Today we started to look at the engine. Video update of progress
  5. We have just bought a floor standing grit blaster for the workshop. The advert said that some assemble was required but we were not expecting it to be fully flat packed. We had lots of fun building it and I made a quick video. We just need to work out where it put it now
  6. Joseph

    1962 Bolens 600

    A bit more progress on the 600. To make repairs easier we removed all the panels. Some were easier to remove than others and we found a few surprises. Alan, dad did help a little, once I had woken him up :-)
  7. Joseph

    1962 Bolens 600

    We used tyre soap on the edges but it did help too much, I could not believe how stiff those tyres were. I will try some washing up liquid next time, thanks Thanks, the tyre machine is great although the cylinders will need to be rebuilt when time allows. Dad does hold the camera
  8. Happy birthday Alain, I hope you had a great day. Best wishes Joseph and dad (Iain)
  9. Joseph

    1962 Bolens 600

    This is the second part of our 1962 Bolens 600 project. In this video we fit new tubes to the rear tyres to make the tractor more mobile. In this video I tried to talk a bit louder, Norm let me know if this is better
  10. Joseph

    1962 Bolens 600

    We have started work on a new project, a 1962 Bolens 600. This tractor has been modified in the past and has lots of challenges. The tractor was bought in 2005 and has been in storage ever since. Like our other projects, I find it easier to record video rather than write up what we are doing, here is the first part
  11. Looking forward to the pictures and updates. I keep telling dad we need to work on one of our WH's next
  12. The Land Rover has great character. I have seen the reviews of the new model and I guess it does not look too bad but I think all the sensors and cameras will get torn off the first hedge someone drives through I love it and I think the smile is permanent
  13. Some friends in Canada asked for a video walk around of our Land Rover 90 so I made a quick video. When it came to driving it, I had a huge surprise as dad said it was time for my first driving lesson
  14. Very sorry to hear about the difficult times you and your wife have been through and your WH builds will be missed. We continue to follow you on your new projects. Very best wishes Iain and Joseph
  15. Better late than never, we have put together a short video of the event. Despite the rain it was a good event and great to catch-up with friends. We loaned our Bolens 900 to someone that could have been Alan's double
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