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  1. Joseph

    1973 Bolens G10

    We got our 1973 Bolens G10 out of storage to check it over and see what parts it needs. We bought this tractor as a non-runner 18 months ago and so far we have not done anything with it. A previous owner has modified it to take a Westwood blade. It must be an early one as the serial number is very low. A quick video introduction
  2. Joseph

    Another Bolens for the collection

    We have just completed a LED light upgrade on our Bolens HT20 using sealed units similar to the originals, it makes a huge difference. We created a video of the project
  3. Joseph

    Christmas workshop projects

    Thanks Norm. I thought dad was brave letting me drive over the camera without hitting it. It did make a great view.
  4. Joseph

    Christmas workshop projects

    We have made a video update on the Wheelhorse D-160. Further work is required but it is now running
  5. Joseph

    Christmas workshop projects

    Tractor on fire We rebuilt the fuel system and fitted a new fuel pipe on the D160. We then connected a new battery and started it up. It ran well for a couple of minutes, then smoke and flames started coming from under the battery tray. We switched the tractor off and investigated. The regulator had shorted out and ignited debris. It was a bit of a shock but fortunately only a new regulator is required, unless it has killed the stator.
  6. Joseph


    Happy New Year from me and dad (Iain)
  7. Joseph

    Christmas workshop projects

    Thanks Norm. We are currently working on the D-160 and so far have replaced the coil, points, condenser, HT lead, LT wiring and plug. It now has a decent spark and today we will be working on the fuel system.
  8. Joseph

    Christmas workshop projects

    We have the Westwood running and I am pleased with it. Video update:
  9. Joseph

    Christmas workshop projects

    I am also looking forward to the Westwood D1200 as well. It was the first tractor I ever drove. Here is a much younger me on the tractor, and tractor looked a lot better then (yes we do have two of them).
  10. Joseph

    Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    We finally got around to finishing our video of the weekend, which includes some footage of Alan's fantastic mini-D series. A great weekend.
  11. Joseph

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Great progress and it looks fantastic. We have just fitted one of those fuel primers to our Bolens HT20.
  12. Joseph

    Rural past times

    It has taken a while but we have finally finished editing our RPT video. It is good to look back on a great weekend and good times with friends.
  13. Joseph

    Another Bolens for the collection

    Over the last couple of weekends we have spent some time on the HT20. Still more work to do
  14. Joseph

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Great progress Norm, it is looking good.
  15. Joseph

    Happy Birthday pmackellow.

    Happy birthday Best wishes Joseph