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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. For presents I got some tools and a tripod for my YouTube videos Thanks Joseph
  2. It is sad that he dumped the charts. I really appreciate you taking the time to ask and the information you have found out is really useful, thanks. We were wondering if the brackets were slightly different for various models, so it is good to have that confirmed. We are planning to relocate the idler to where we think it should be and measure for a belt, at least that will give us an idea of the size
  3. The idler pulley has been relocated and without know where it should be located it creates too many variables. If we can't find the correct belt, we will guess the location of the idlers, measure with some string and buy a belt. Even if it is wrong one it may help work out what it should be It is good to see him busy That would be fantastic if you are able to find out. Thanks for looking
  4. We have been looking for a rare side mounted shredder for ages, to fit on our Westwood D1200. One appeared in our local auction and we managed to get it for a great price. The shredder had been modified to run from an electric motor and the mounting bracket was missing. We were going to make a mounting bracket but managed to get one. The challange was to turn the shredder back to standard and fit it onto the tractor. I think the attachment bracket was designed to be factory fitted because it was a lot of work to fit. Once we got the attachment fitted to the tractor we hit a problem. The idler has been modified and the belt it came was was incorrect, which is one too many variables. A replacement belt is proving to be very difficult to find, a number of Westwood dealers claim the attachment does not exist and I don't know anyone who has the attachment who can help. Does anyone know what the belt size should be? A quick video on progress, even my cameraman got in on the action!
  5. When we are asked about Bolens tractors, it is often a question about the rear axle drive pin on geared Tube Frame tractors. The usual question are, "why can't I push the tractor?", "I put it in gear and let up the clutch and nothing happens?" and "what do I do if the pin is seized?". I am sure others get asked the same questions. I decided to cover this in a video as it is easier to show people a video than explan the details
  6. It is very handy to be able to take the seat cover off when it is raining, saves the embarressment of a wet bottom
  7. The 1054 is still in regular use and it's main job is towing trailers. Over the winter it developed an oil leak and it was time for a repair
  8. My mum and sister wanted some raised beds made for the garden. As we are still in lockdown we had to use materials we already had. We created a video of building them which features lots of Bolens action with the 1962 Bolens Ride-a-matic
  9. Looks fantastic, great job with the paint
  10. We started the day with a simple puncture repair on the Westwood D1200 which we were not planning to video. Due to an interesting discovery we thought we would share what we found.
  11. Joseph


    Hi Paul, it has been a while since we last had a catch-up and we must do so once the current situation is over. Over the Christmas break we picked up another Cub Cadet original as a parts machine but since then we have managed to find a lot of parts that means we may have two viable tractors Hi Alan, I hope you are well and it will be good to catch up soon. Mum was not impressed and we have not worked out where to store them yet I have never seen the roads this empty before, even in the middle of the night Hi Andrew, unbelievable to find these two 30 minutes down the road. We were looking at the G12 today and in the daylight it is clear that it has a green chassis, the same colour as the HT23 which make it even rarer. I have never seen another with a green chassis. Stay safe an well everyone Joseph
  12. Joseph


    Just before the lockdown in the UK we went on a roadtrip. The roads are usually very busy but they were empty. Two great addions to the collection Stay safe everyone
  13. It is a great tool Norm, for the price you need to get someone to go shopping for you No that is an idea Please stay safe and well in these strange times and we are looking forward to catching up with you both soon
  14. As we could not find any toilet rolls in Lidl we decided to buy a Plasma cutter that they had on offer. It works really well and with a bit of practice it will be very handy. A quick review and use video
  15. This G14 has been stored outside many years before we got it and we left it outside too. Finally we found some covered storage space for it. It is a parts tractor but it is still good to have it covered
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