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  1. Yes, clean the post and the copper points spring for that connection. All wire connections too. It's not common for a coil to fail unless damaged but it's possible. Condenser is a possibility. I also tap the nut on the shaft to remove flywheels
  2. If it's the flywheel side seal, that metal ring seal retainer pops off. The seal may be attached to the ring. Lightly tap it off
  3. Best to just leave the tube and screen filter in place. Blast some spray carb cleaner down through the hole to backwash it out
  4. I know on my bigger engines, Kohler 8-10-12 hp etc, they will idle with a bad condenser but die right out once you try to throttle them up. Slow rolling loss of spark like that is a new one me
  5. It's more rare to have a coil crap out on these engines than a condenser. Speed shouldn't matter too much but I don't know what you consider slow. I do know you can spin the flywheel by hand with the starter housing off, plug out and get a nice sharp blue spark. That's what my shop's plug tester is. Yes, that sounds like fuel delivery problem like the seals but it's also running at lower rpm. That engine should scream at 6300 rpm. Also check the governor spring on the bottom of the carb
  6. Not yet. Leave at 6 get home at 5:30-6. I'll have time later this week
  7. One way to check the seals on the case is to remove the carb Block that hole in the case with a rubber stopper remove the muffler Blow up a balloon and put it on the exhaust collector (you can hold the carb hole with your thumb too) The balloon will leak down. Fast and the seals are leaking and sometimes you can even hear the air coming out They will all leak down but very bad seals will go quicker There's no exact amount of time it should be. There are way too many variables to consider this real science but it does give you an idea of what's going on. Much easier to understand when you have many engines like I do but if you do the balloon test before doing the brake fluid, then do it right after (the oil will seal them) then do it again after it was running for a bit. That will tell you if the brake fluid swelled the seals. Tiny Tigers are tougher because you have to remove the generator head to get to that side seal. I've thought about just pouring some in the carb hole with the spark out and just puling it over slowly to wet the seals with it from the inside. It's something I would do with one of my engines but I haven't done it and don't know if doing that could have some ill effects on the engine. I'm no engineer scientist so don't know but I'm guessing the the fuel would just quickly wash it out. The engine will smoke a bit until it does.
  8. I've had an old bottle of that stuff around for years. Old enough the label is worn off How about this? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Super-Tech-DOT-3-Brake-Fluid-12-oz/16821275?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222222000000000&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=e&wl1=o&wl2=c&wl3=10352200394&wl4=pla-1103028060075&wl5=&wl6=&wl7=&wl10=Walmart&wl11=Online&wl12=16821275_0&wl14=brake fluid&veh=sem&msclkid=fc2bd284637c172775d6b1f930288b64&gclid=fc2bd284637c172775d6b1f930288b64&gclsrc=3p.ds No, they're not the same.
  9. There are NOS parts out there but seals are very hard to find. Try the brake fluid and that will tell you if the seals are the problem and / or if you need new seals
  10. The one under the flywheel has a metal ring holding it. Simply tap pry pull off that that metal ring. The other side, remove the induction section and pick it out from the shaft end side. You might be able to just pick it out with the induction section in place. Both seals were installed from the outside of the case You can pull the seals out of your engine and measure them yourself is the best way and try and find replacements or search ebay and the net. As stated before they will be very difficult to find as NOS seals. Once they're damaged you will be SOL and just turned that engine into a brick unless you can find new seals. Or put new O rings in there if you want to try that. Is there any particular reason why you don't want to even try the brake fluid as suggested??? Create a Youtube account if you don't have one and upload the video to Youtube. Then you can post the link to that video on here and we can watch/see it
  11. They're very difficult to find. you won't find an "off the shelf" replacement as far as I'm aware That's why I suggested using the brake fluid to help swell them. Give it a try, nothing to loose
  12. The points pin where the spring sits on is short and shouldn't be tall enough to touch the cover. The points spring needs to be in contact with the pin as that's the transfer of the connection to the pin and the condenser. Make sure that connection is clean. Clean the post and the spring. A cause of running erratic is typically the case seals. Leaking seals will affect the vacuum/pressure pulse pressure of the carb diaphragm and that's how the diaphragm moves to pump fuel. When fuel is pumped erratically it will run erratically and no adjustment to the carb is going to fix that. Clean ALL the points connections Add a few drops of DOT3 brake fluid (Not synthetic ) to each of the crankshaft seals with them still in place on the engine. Let it sit at least over night. Brake fluid swells the rubber and most times will be enough to seal the crank. There are other little O ring seals at the points push rod and the one screw for the carb. If they are missing it will cause a big leak Bent or damaged carb to case gaskets can do the same thing
  13. Yes Here's a thread where I did a refresh on one
  14. Since you had it running it might be safe to assume the carb is complete. What you need is a new diaphragm I have new diaphragms. Send me a PM There's a pinned thread on the carbs so have a look
  15. Working on it but can't find the cone shaped piece This one on epay is also missing the bottom. They can fit on there without the cone using multiple middle sections https://www.ebay.com/itm/175446063237?hash=item28d9667885:g:8PMAAOSwvfViNJMk&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4L%2BSDw1jiDybM5dtOmn5P9yKcgOSQ5v7gQlRAfg4bAZGBApfPRPnzs8fnUh0kAq5dzptn%2FtD9FBTNK7i3NX7wUsKS5vbP1WOHwftuXjpYK0y%2FxaZysxetfwjsdycJFkayhV2Vxh1eP%2FwTIXS9Y00zwa438dAZhQSHnDpMyN9OwTk4M5yMcKic1BrK4NgHzEbvA1x1YKNB5MJn%2FJUwPd1pYZuMbe10%2F56muGv4tEFTZ9lJ2TAaS36EFLAPYhitr6qLT%2FkXPadEkTXgB7TrIT50MT%2FgvvfjDwsweppPbtSEktc|tkp%3ABFBMmODFp_5g
  16. Long skinny flat head screwdriver I have some of those check valves There are 2 small holes near the middle of the spool and a soft wire in a U shape is used to pinch the rope to the spool using those holes. The wire is twisted to tighten it then snip off the twist leaving about 1/4 " of it. You can use a copper wire strand from electrical wire, or multiple strands if all you can find is small wire
  17. Carb tutorial https://myoldmachine.com/topic/1448-o-r-carb-repair-tutorial/
  18. I do them by hand. Get most of it wound into a coil then pinch the coil with your fingers. To tighten and shrink the coil size, pull on the loose end while pinching the center tight and it will tighten up. Hold it the whole thing tight and wrap 5-10 more wraps around and pull it again. Repeat the process until it's small enough and all coiled up. It takes a little while It's easier if it's clean and dry. Oil it after it's installed into the housing Let me know if this doesn't make sense
  19. There were 2 different sizes used 1/16 or 3/32 ball bearings. You can find them in the drawers at an old school hardware store (if there are any left around you)
  20. You're welcome ! Glad you finally got her going.
  21. It wasn't a big event. Just at a guy's house but yeah, it definitely got some attention. I enjoy explaining what they are, answering questions and trying to generate interest in them
  22. Didn't have time to really set up the display so they ended up scattered on the trailer. There was still a couple left in the van.
  23. Ah man, wish I knew it was missing the metal diaphragm disc. The arm can wear the diaphragm but it can work and run without it. Make sure the thin plastic check valve (#6) is on top of the gasket. It seals the little hole on the diaphragm body
  24. Here's the list of more that's going. I'm hoping to generate some more people's interest in O&R stuff and the best way is to let them see a bunch of the applications available and how cool these little things are. That's how I got into it when a couple of them were sitting on a shelf where I went to buy something else. Mity Mite generator Creme Lure generator TT 300 2 versions of Chip A Saw Mono Chainsaw Comet chainsaw Comet pump C Saw circular saw Little Wonder hedge trimmer Bee Jay winch JB power chipper saw Polaris Power pole snow blower Polaris power pole outboard Compressor with spay gun Wards digger 10 Micro mini bike Turbair ToT Glow fuel conversion engine with airplane prop
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