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  1. Super nice score!!! Is that the same one from the beginning of this thread? Customer for a diaphragm decided to sell?
  2. No, the hole isn't the same and the arm is different. You can switch to a ball type as it will bolt right on to the same carb body
  3. You can try soaking it in carb cleaner but new fuel line is fairly cheap
  4. You're not supposed to. The only way to access them is to split the tank open. Thought you had to do this before? All of them are a screen on the bottom of a small cone. Soak with carb cleaner in the tank. Then I use something like this connected with a fuel line to force flush the cleaner back and forth through the screen. Never had to open a tank yet. If the tube is filled with gunk you can use a fine wire to clean most of it out but BE CAREFUL not to poke it through the screen.
  5. Parchment paper is used for cooking/baking Jungle site is Amazon.com
  6. Make your own A circle paper cutter-- search on the jungle site for one Parchment paper is thin like those gaskets
  7. Yes. Disassemble the engine to access the reeds.
  8. Spark should be a sharp snapping blue color. if it isn't, try changing the condenser If it's still hard to turn as mentioned before you should try it with the spark plug out. It should now turn as easy as every other one does. If it's not, there's something binding inside from assembly and you will need to find out what that is and correct it.
  9. After rebuilding engines I know they pull "harder" because of the compression but not crazy hard to pull
  10. What are you powering with it? Sensitive computer equipment? Typical lights and motors ain't gonna care. The governor should limit the rpms so make sure it's not hanging up or something. You can probably add a screw where the cable would go for things like a drill or mini bike engine that uses a throttle cable if you need to limit the butterfly from opening.
  11. I just pinched them with my fingers and kinda twisted. I guess you could make a ring compressor from some thin sheet metal and a hose clamp to tap them in sorta like big engines.
  12. Some good reviews on the 110v Harbor Freight ones according to a guy I know. Not overly expensive. Spend good money on a good helmet though, you get what you pay for and welder's flash really sucks when it happens!!! Sell me one of your rare O&R tools (Cheap) to finance one! LoL I had a Hobart 140 using flux core wire before graduating to real 240v mig with Argon mix gas. It was great little machine for the "everyday" stuff but I would still stick weld any heavy structural type things. I'd like to learn how to TIG weld.
  13. Dam, that looks real good. Nice job! I agree that it would look funny if it was left shiny new compared to the rest. How did you finally attach the ring to the plate?
  14. The AEP chicken power used a different gas tank that mounted above the engine on the handle bars so the carbs did not have or need a primer button
  15. Welcome back Chris! Unfortunately I don't have any 20A parts.
  16. Those parts are original. It's a later model from Advanced Engine Products (AEP) that bought out O&R. It would have had a square recoil that was an improvement to the teardrop housing recoils. The exhaust was a tube that threads onto the manifold and thing they are the only tool with that feature. I have a complete one in an original box that got ruined by mice making a house in the box. Pee and crap all over it.. Think I posted a pic on here somewhere
  17. Thanks. Years of hunting them down The lapidary saw is for cutting rock, stone. Thin diamond blade with a water reservoir below for cooling There never was a count on the different tools. Although I've seen and heard of most, new stuff still pops up every once in a while
  18. Brazing is kind of like soldering, just hotter. It doesn't flow as thin as solder but you can move it around with the heat. Those little torches would work good for stubborn rusty nut and bolt removal too. MIG welding makes things pretty easy and it's not crazy expensive with a small 110v welder using flux core wire to get started. Plenty of instruction videos online for both to get inspired. You're never too old to learn a new skill and you should be able to find more uses for either one beyond this handle fix.
  19. That's not too bad! Just throwing it out there. You can get a small mapp oxy torch for about $100 and braze it. They might even get hot enough to gas weld with steel. We used metal coat hangers for the welding rods back in the day.
  20. Fess up. What did ya pay? Just curious what work like that would go for. You're making some nice progress Correct. It's the kill switch
  21. Best to start a new thread so we don't clutter this carb tutorial thread with other stuff
  22. Add some oil to get about 32:1 but don't use outboard oil. It's different than air cooled oil. Something with the ash and ashless and etc. Always best to run heavier on oil than lean. Haven't fouled a plug yet at 32:1 so... Even at 32:1 you have 1/2 the amount of oil. 50:1 is way to lean on oil for these IMO. It might work but you should know if it doesn't by the bottom of the first tank full. Best to give it a rip and get it all running BEFORE paint. You may need to remove the cover a couple times and noth'n suck worse than scratching up new paint. $0.02
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