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  1. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Bit more assembly done this morning and decals in place ...
  2. Acquired this last month, some of the information crept into the Lawnbug ride on topic so I thought I had better start a new topic in the right section ... Not got too far with it yet other than a wash & brush up and new decals from Titch, and found a manual in my literature collection. Hopefully picking up an interesting addition at the weekend...
  3. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    A nice warm shed and a gently warmed up paint tin before you spray with it
  4. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Started putting the Gemini back together yesterday afternoon, still got the tines and handlebars to do...
  5. A nice freezing March day at Ardingly this morning at the 2nd Collective sale, held during a snow shower ! Saw Harry and his dad there, don't think they had bought much... Here's some photos...
  6. Second 2018 Ardingly Collective Sale

    Bought nowt mate apart from a breakfast roll and lots of tea
  7. The Showmans new Toy

    You would get a few bits in the back of that from the Pound Shop
  8. The Showmans new Toy

    Pam looks almost impressed !
  9. 2018 Collective Sale dates

    I'll be freezing with my fingers crossed mate !
  10. This mornings catalogue at the last sale of the year at Ardingly gave the dates for next year (all Saturdays)... 24th February 17th March 21st April 8th September (to be confirmed) 13th October
  11. 2018 Collective Sale dates

    Next Ardingly Sale is tomorrow !
  12. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    More done on the second Gemini during the week...
  13. Tiger Tractor, Keyser, WV

    Not a problem, easily moved !
  14. Tiger Tractor, Keyser, WV

    Hello and welcome to the forum I'll move this topic over for you as discussed.
  15. New boots for the Sears/Roper.

    Thats a fair pair of boots Norm, won't be getting that stuck then !
  16. The Showmans new Toy

    Big grin at the Wheelhorse Shed then !
  17. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Gemini Number 2 now being stripped down for painting...
  18. Trojan Toraktors in UK

    Try a post in the Wanted section
  19. Just back from a great day at the South Downs Heritage Centre in West Sussex for the Spring Meet and Greet. Many Thanks to those that turned up, it was a good and varied display. Here's some photos of what turned up and some of the Heritage Centres exhibits, starting with the all important group photos...
  20. The Showmans new Toy

    Top job Great Grandad !!
  21. My new bolens

    Working on it
  22. My new bolens

    Thanks but no thanks, running out of room again fast !!
  23. westwood lawnbug!!

    Got the Westwood collection out of the sheds this afternoon for a lineup photo or two...
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