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  1. No Further Forward

    Atco 14" cut made in 1949 mate Mr Denness can probably tell you more
  2. Happy Birthday Jarovian

    Happy Birthday Dave See you at Newark ?
  3. DOH!

    Good job I did then
  4. DOH!

    No its done darn sarf as well, I was trying to start my old B115 Horse at Ardingly a few years back "Have you switched the fuel on ?" asked Mr Showman Doh !
  5. Reyroto 80

    Thats different, I like that !
  6. Almond valley Vintage show

    Nice display !!
  7. Smallholders Show display

    Cracking display David Here's my slightly different (from the one above) display at the Museum of Power at Langford last weekend...
  8. Smallholders Show display

    Last weekend we organised a Horticultural display at the Ardingly Smallholders Show in West Sussex. This is our O&R display at the show, the whole collection apart from the Allman wheeled sprayer...
  9. Baking hot but very enjoyable weekend at the Ardingly Smallholders Show in West Sussex. Good support in the Horticultural display and some nice machines on show, many thanks to all who contributed. Here's some photos...
  10. Ardingly Smallholders Show

    Mine were, as they were under my jeans !
  11. Ardingly Smallholders Show

    Toadys Dirty Dog... make of that what you will
  12. Ardingly Smallholders Show

    More photos... including more Transit ones just for Norm
  13. Happy birthday Meadowfield

    Now then Mark ! Have a good one mate
  14. Had a tidy up at the unit today and got a couple of the mowers out... Also picked another one up today, not with an offset front wheel so different to the rest of my small collection of green...
  15. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Mr Showman ! My favourite photo from last years Newby Hall
  16. Newby Hall Day 1

    First day done at Newby Hall, here's some photos...
  17. Newby Hall Day 2

    Photos from today at the Newby Hall Rally...
  18. Looney spotted at Newby Hall

    Looks vaguely familiar...
  19. Newby Hall Day 2

    And the last few...
  20. Newby Hall Day 2

    And some more...
  21. Newby Hall Group Photo

    The likely lads (and lass) at Newby Hall this afternoon
  22. Project Wheel-Vo... Running gear found.

    Madder than Mad Jack McMad, winner of last years Mr Mad competition! We like mad, go for it Ian !
  23. A Day At Beamish Museum

    What are the dates for that please Dave ? That could be one for the future...
  24. Back now from a good day out at Northallerton in North Yorkshire to the Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering A nice mix of tractors, horticultural, cars, a couple of motorcycles, stationary engines and a few stalls Well done to John and Angela Webster and their team of helpers Here's some photos...
  25. A Day At Beamish Museum

    Here's some of mine...
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