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    Happy Birthday Joseph.

    Happy birthday Joseph hope you've had a great day See you for a catch up in a couple of weeks
  2. pmackellow

    Picked up a few logs.

    Always better when they are gratis mate
  3. pmackellow

    Happy Birthday Wristpin

    Happy birthday Angus !
  4. pmackellow

    Old Buzzard Passed Away

    R.I.P. Old Buzzard
  5. Down in Dorset for a few days, yesterday we went to the GDSF. Lots of moaning this year about queues to get in, awful loos, etc etc, we had a great day, the only queue was to get out Here's some photos...
  6. pmackellow

    Happy Birthday Triumph 66 or 67 now

    Happy birthday Andrew, sorry we missed you at RPT and TF !
  7. pmackellow

    Great Dorset Steam Fair 50th Anniversary

    This one is a 3 litre as well, twin tailpipes, V6,proper job !
  8. pmackellow

    Great Dorset Steam Fair 50th Anniversary

    Hello Iain yes there were some nice machines there
  9. pmackellow

    Great Dorset Steam Fair 50th Anniversary

    A few more photos from other sections at the show... Glad we were not at the GDSF today as the weather has been awful !
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Hopefully rolloman 1 will see this and comment !
  11. pmackellow

    Great Dorset Steam Fair 50th Anniversary

    So there were 3 Wheelhorses there then... sort of...
  12. pmackellow

    Busy tractor day.

    A good days work then Norm
  13. pmackellow

    No Further Forward

    Comedy Gold
  14. pmackellow


    Possibly Iain... possibly not !
  15. pmackellow


    I love the look of concentration on Chris' face in the last photo... " Start ya b****** !"
  16. pmackellow

    westwood lawnbug!!

    Thanks for the offer but I'll pass on the Gazelle
  17. Whilst Ian and Joseph were making the journey down South for RPT, we were heading up to Norfolk for the Starting Handle Club Summer show We also visited some other friends in Norfolk on the Sunday before heading home, so a good weekend The Starting Handle Club show is a great and friendly event with all classes well supported, here's some photos, including some of the items in the auction...
  18. pmackellow

    Starting Handle Club Show

    PM answered !
  19. pmackellow

    Starting Handle Club Show

    Hello Iain Yes its a show that we are looking at entering next year, as with you I was not sure if you were at RPT or not... we are back up your way next month so perhaps we could meet up then? Paul
  20. pmackellow

    Starting Handle Club Show

    More photos...
  21. pmackellow

    Yellowbird cultivator/Tiller.

    The wheels look like they are the same as the ones on my Westwood Gemini...
  22. pmackellow

    Yellowbird cultivator/Tiller.

    I had better do you a copy of this then...
  23. pmackellow

    Tarpen/O&R hedge trimmer

    All the way to the Midlands today to pick this up, a neat Tarpen hedge trimmer with O&R power Another useful addition to the collection
  24. Acquired this last month, some of the information crept into the Lawnbug ride on topic so I thought I had better start a new topic in the right section ... Not got too far with it yet other than a wash & brush up and new decals from Titch, and found a manual in my literature collection. Hopefully picking up an interesting addition at the weekend...
  25. pmackellow

    Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Westwoods had their 5 minutes of fame in Classic Tractor magazine this month...