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  1. New Additions

    Hello David, I'll have a look at the red engine when next in the loft, see if I can get any information from it !
  2. New Additions

    Some new additions to my O&R collection picked up today at a rally in Hampshire Orline chainsaw and hedge cutter, O&R engine with reduction box and a spares engine All well restored by Darmic1, he wanted to move them on so I wasted no time in making an offer ! Many thanks to Darren, rest assured they have gone to a good home.
  3. Wendys uncle sadly died of Parkinsons Disease earlier in the year, and as a bit of a tribute some of his family decided we would do the 6 mile sponsored walk in his memory. As extended family I was roped in as well. This happened today and as Bella is still recovering after her cruciate ligament op Wendy "borrowed" a customers dog for the walk. We all completed the walk and got our finishers medals, a pub was nearby so I nipped over for a pint (as you do). Between us the 8 members of the family that did the walk raised over £1300 for Parkinsons UK, so not a bad days walk ! Here's some photos...
  4. Bargain !

    My dear wife spotted this in the local buy/sell page on Facebook, we collected it yesterday evening Its a hydraulic lift dog grooming table, needed a bit of paint but not dear Handy for working on the smaller stuff in the shed...
  5. Clinton engines

    Chris said he was the other day Ewan, I've got the rims to come up to you as well as you know
  6. Wendy and I had a quick look at this sale this morning Nowt of interest to us and plenty else to do today so we did not stay long Here's a few photos of what old machinery was there...
  7. New Additions

    Thanks chaps, they are indeed rather nice and I am rather chuffed to be able to add them to my collection
  8. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Just as comfy as the Pacemaker Norm
  9. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Finished !!
  10. Some foul photos..

    Love the last photo... thats chilled !
  11. No I haven't got a deck for the Loafer thats one bit I would like I did bid on a Lawnboy rotavator on ebay a while back but got outbid An electric Lawnboy mower would also be quite unusual as well ! If I think of any more bits I'll let you know, many thanks
  12. Your photos are actually very handy as I can see what bracket I need to hold the top of the bag on the mower in my last photo
  13. Bill Targett Memorial Rally

    I must admit I could make garage space for that trials Beesa as well Norm, sounded really sweet
  14. Home from a great day in Hampshire The Bill Targett rally had a good attendance in all sections, the Horticultural section had a varied and interesting entry . Here's some photos of what was there...
  15. Hello Citroenboi Yes I do have some, a Loafer, a 26" rider and three mowers Paul
  16. Having A Change In The Shed

    Looks right at home there mate
  17. Bill Targett Memorial Rally

    More photos...
  18. All the way from the USA - Panzer t70

    Thats very nice Harry Do you subscribe to Lawn and Garden Tractor magazine from the USA ? LAGT has had some Panzer articles in the magazine in recent times, and I'm sure they would be very interested to see that one has made it "across the pond"
  19. Sorry they're a bit late but here's some photos from the display at May Open Day at the private Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway in deepest Kent... This is a private railway with its own collection of engines running on a line of about 3/4 of a mile of track through the woods with a station at each end, also a portable steam engine, tractors and a huge American Fire Truck. A nice chilled day out, next gathering there hopefully in September.
  20. Great photos Alan Plenty of American metal there for Mr Showman to go all dribbly over I'll have the Minor pickup please that looks well tidy !
  21. Model T Ford , go cart

    Top job Neil, that looks great mate
  22. Heathersgill rally Carlisle 2018

    Well done chaps, a great display and the right weather for a change !!
  23. 5 gang mower

    Well done, from what a little birdie told me you got an absolute bargain !
  24. Tractortest Newby Hall 2018 - all welcome

    Mine arrived today, complete with two tea tickets and a camping pass !! Every hour on the hour !
  25. Mowett Mustang - help needed

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