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  1. Newbury tractor world

    We'll be there with the updated and ever expanding Ohlsson Rice display !
  2. Happy birthday Kev

    Happy birthday Kev, and Ian too !
  3. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    Yes this one was fine with it, good little car from what I could see
  4. Calf dozer

    That's a machine Harry, very impressive
  5. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    That's neat Andrew Back in the mid 80's a friend of ours used to tow two vintage motorcycles to shows behind a saloon version, we all wondered how the car put up with it !
  6. Happy birthday Harryt

    Happy Birthday Harry Hope you had a great day
  7. Newhaven Fort

    Its a very interesting place Chris, they seem to want us back next year so will publicise it on here hopefully Bit of artistic license I think Norm, V8 so it sounded nice
  8. Newhaven Fort

    Thanks Chris, unusual shot of me at the trough then !! Here's some more photos including the obligatory group photos...
  9. SVTEC Rally Scone Perthshire

    Looks like a good event even if the weather was not great, poor dog looks worn out !
  10. Sisis Auto Greenman

    Nice machine, Sisis is good quality kit and priced accordingly !
  11. westwood lawnbug!!

    Forgot about this post... I bought the bug at the start of this post from Ben in July and its on its way back to full health...
  12. Great photos Doug We went to this show last year it was very good
  13. Ardingly Collective Sale 09/09/17

    Its sold now to a man in Norfolk !
  14. Ardingly Collective Sale today. I took some bits to sell, I sold 2 out of 3 so to paraphrase Meatloaf that ain't bad I spent all of £3.60 on a nice little Allen lawn sweeper, that should clean up OK Here's some photos...
  15. 1978 Westwood

    Here's mine when I bought it earlier this year and what it looks like so far...
  16. 1978 Westwood

    That was for the 5hp Norm, that's the quick one !!
  17. 1978 Westwood

    Here's a photo of the 1973 advert Reading through my literature I also found a brochure from 1970, so even earlier !
  18. Happy birthday Joseph

    Happy birthday Joseph, double figures !!
  19. 1978 Westwood

    I've got a 1973 advert for the Lawnbug Chris so I would have thought Westwood tractors started in the early 70's ?
  20. Ardingly Collective Sale 09/09/17

    They're a job to date Andrew, I would say 1960's/70's
  21. Ardingly Collective Sale 09/09/17

    That's my Sisis rake that did not sell
  22. Ardingly Collective Sale 09/09/17

    I think you got a good deal with those gang mowers too Harry
  23. A nice chilled day spent at this delightful private railway in East Kent, we took along some of our Jalo collection Here's some photos...
  24. Hi , In search of vintage orline chicken

    Because it makes the bike go clucking fast
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