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This Years Garden

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The last few years the garden has suffered for one reason or another, this year it is doing reasonably well with corn, onions, radishes, okra, cantaloupe, cucumbers, zucchini, and squash. Tomatoes and watermelon are growing in old mower tires and I started asparagus this year in hopes of having some next year or the year after. I have to raise tarps up on the fence as the winds up here reach over 35 mph bi-weekly and over 70 mph during storms coming from the south or west.







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23 minutes ago, nigel said:

Why do you have a  big cage round your garden Alain, giant wabbits ?

The cage came with the house and I'm not sure what the prior use was, I've tried to figure that out to no avail. it did have two strands of barbed wire pointing outward on the stanchions at the top, like they were trying to prevent something entering. We have many, many rabbits, but I have never saw any evidence of them eating anything in the garden. Land turtles are voracious eaters of vegetables and I have to relocate them quite often, without netting the birds make short work of the tomatoes as soon as their ripe, so i pick them a day or two early and let them ripen in the window. We are at 850 feet above sea level and that is one of the the highest points in the county and with very few trees the wind is relentless.

4 hours ago, Triumph66 said:

You keep that pretty weed free Alain :thumbs:


Always fascinating to see what you guys grow over there in your back yard. 


I pick weeds for therapy, its extra clean today, the VA called and cancelled my colonoscopy again, fourth time in two years. No reason given and not able to reschedule until doctor puts in for another consultation, that takes 60 to 90 days if I'm lucky. I'm supposed to have on every year after my colon cancer surgery, but that has never occurred and frankly I don;t believe it will occur. I am almost sure that the VA plans to eliminate veterans through denied or delayed medical services to improve their image on wait times. I've been very stressed and it has shown in my attitude of late, I am really worried that if something happens to me my wife will have no one to help her, shes disabled and all her family has passed on.

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