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Plough Mod.

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  The implement lift on my C-121, aka The Black Horse, is electrically operated. This works well but has a down side. The plough is either up or down and no way to adjust plough depth. When in the ground, the plough pulls the actuator fully out and results in the furrow being 7" deep. So a way to set plough depth had to be devised.

 The tool bar has two positions in the slot hitch. One gives a plough depth of just over 5" and t'other just over 7". Somewhere in between being required. The only thing I could think of was a depth wheel. Simple, cheap and not heavy. A search around the workshop provided some box section. One size sliding nicely in the other. A wheel off a push rotary mower, some flat bar, a couple of pins with R clips and a long 1/4" cap head allan bolt.

  A bit of thinking and measuring, cutting and drilling and I had some bits.





  I took more photo's but the quality is poor. Out of focus. I'll take some fresh ones tomorrow.


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If one is observant enough, one can see the plate that the box section is welded to. Photo 1. And photo's 2 and 4, where the plate is welded to the plough. :rolleyes:

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