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  1. Nigel444

    Hayter Osprey

    Hi, yes very true, its a shame really, as in the right circumstances its a nice trade to be in, but youngsters are not keen.......... No fires at all from position one, quite a few from position two, so we have gone with that, oh and yes not at first but later popped cover off removed belt, arrrr what joy....... haha much better !!! I have a new plug arrive today and in my excitement i had forgot to clean out the carb and air filter as it had been stood for a while, must re check points gap again and set as per manufactures gap if i could only find it, just gone for thick card gap. Thank you
  2. Nigel444

    Hayter Osprey

    Hi All, just a quick update from my last post really !! JB from Hayter has now retired sadly for me but great for John, hope hes enjoying all his well deserved free time !!! I have now managed to get a spark, more by luck then educated judgement................. but its a real effort to pull the old girl over and it back fires loudly !! hence more fettling and work in progress to do, i also found when conducting an internet search if you add Rockwell JLO you suddenly open up a world of info on these Two stroke engines, but sadly my L197 type engine looks to be the rarest with little info available, but some good guidelines to read in between for set up etc . Hope that helps anyone else who has one of these machines Best regards Nigel
  3. Nigel444

    Hayter Osprey

    I agree. really excited about seeing and hearing running, Yes it looks to have had very little use at all and been very well cared for over the years, but i need the standard specs to make sure its all set up as it should be as a start point, buts thats proving difficult at the moment, just hoping the information may surface soon, if not i will have to sadly look at moving it on. I know a few guys at Spell brook Hayter, but have not had contact for many years now, but it maybe worth an e-mail to ask if they have an archive i could delve into etc. Cheers Nigel
  4. Nigel444

    Hayter Osprey

    Hi, please find attached some pics of the rare Two Stroke machine ! hope you can clearly see the two keyway cut outs
  5. Nigel444

    Hayter Osprey

    Yes i have never seen a double keyway, my friend said he has come across two before and said to use the second one as per rotation direction, but could not explain to me why !! Ok great hopefully i will have chance to up-load some pics on Sunday. Thank you
  6. Nigel444

    Hayter Osprey

    Hi, thank you very much for your kind and informative reply, i will have another go if i can find time this Sunday, i will also take some pics and upload , along with letting you know my progress good or bad............
  7. Nigel444

    Hayter Osprey

    Hi all , i am very new to this site !! I have bought a very old Hayter Osprey but in very good order and looks like its had little use, the machine has the JLO two stroke engine fitted, sadly there was no spark ! after checking all the usual basic things i removed the pulley to check the points and coil, all items looked new and in very good order, but i need clear help in correctly setting up the points if any one would kindly help !! also on the flywheel theres two key ways, which one should it be on, the engine turns clockwise and i have tried it using the second one, and tried all-sorts of settings but still no spark ! i have also replaced the condenser and coil with new items, checked the HT wire etc etc Thanks in advance Nigel